15 Hot Images of Actress of Grand Masti

Hot Images of Actress of Grand Masti

Grand Masti series is one of the most erotic movies of Bollywood. I have shared with you 15 hot images of the actress of Grand Masti. You can take a look at these amazing photos and take a break into your day.

1. Blue Bomb 

The actress is looking very hot in a modern blue outfit. Her role in the movie is still memorable and funny. Her eyes are speaking a totally different language.

Grand Masti Erotic Images

2. Green Urvashi 

Urvashi is one of the hottest actresses in Bollywood. Her green traditional dress is looking super hot. From her Earings to her hair everything looks perfect in this amazing picture.

Green Dress Urvashi

3. The Awkward Click 

This image of the actress of Grand Masti is still one of the best. It’s a scene just before the action. The actress looks super hot in her nightdress.

Ritesh Deshmukh

4. Red Carnival 

In this red tradition dress, the actress of Grand Masti is looking super-duper hot. Her earing is just shouting complements for her dress. And she is slowly capturing your eyeball.

Red Dress Grand Masti

5. Blue Lagoon

The actress is looking very hot in her two-piece bikini and she is complementing the beach with her looks. She is one of the hottest actresses in the movie Grand Masti.

Blue Bikani

6. Red Urvashi 

After you get blown with the green Urvashi. Here is a Red Urvashi hotter, Bold, and sexy. She is the charm of the whole film and Single handily control the acting performance.

Uravshi Red Blouse
















7. Clean beach

The actress in her swimming suit is looking absolutely magnificent. Her presence on the beach is making the environment even hotter. The image is one of the hottest to look at.

Great Grand Masti

8. Big Glasses

This is the iconic photo from the movie Grand Masti. The actress is looking gorgeous with her big Glasses. And her huge dress coat. The red color is complementing her so well in the photo.

Big Glasses

9. White bright dress 

The white dress on her bikini is looking something out of this world. The actress is looking so hot in this picture. Her acting performance in the film is one of the best.

White Night Dress

10. Sun Shining 

The actress is looking gorgeous in the bright sunny day. Her bikini has some very unique colors. And I’m sure you would have stopped to take a look.

Bright Sunny Day

11. Innocent and beautiful  

The Grand Masti actress is letting the natural beauty come out. She is innocently posing in a very beautiful manner. And words can’t describe her presence in this image.


12. Olive Beauty 

Olive beauty is one of the pleasant to looks for our eyes. She has been beautifully posing for a promotional event for the movie Grand Masti.

Grand Masti Promotion

13. White Urvashi 

Urvashi is posing brilliantly in her amazing white dress. The image is extremely hot and showcases her versatility. Her great look is the reflection of her inner beauty.


14. The Exotic Dance 

Here we can see the amazing dance of three exotic foreigners. And the boys enjoying the hot beach and dance.

15. The Rainy day 

The actress is looking great in the orange dress. And everything becomes hotter just with the rain.

Vivek Oberoi

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