25 Best All-time Movies to Watch on Christmas

Best All-time Movies to Watch on Christmas

As Christmas is on the cards, the holidays are to enjoy with family. So, here is a bucket of movies to watch and enjoy the Christmas Holidays with family. Even though some of the movies are old, but still it has the capacity to cherish one’s Christmas holidays.

1. A Christmas Prince

Set in a royal backdrop, this movie released in 2007 is a romantic comedy. Directed by Alex Zaman, this movie premiered on Netflix. Due to its success, a sequel to this movie was also released in 2018. It is a story of a journalist finding her prince charming in an actual prince. Also, it depicts the comic journey of exposing the true face of the prince whom the people detest. There is a comedy of false identification in the romance of prince and journalist. Read Wiki

A Christmas Prince

2. Office Christmas Party

It is a 2016 comedy movie directed by Josh Gordon. This comic movie spun around the Christmas party arranged by Chief Technical Officer and branch manager against their CEO to save their company. But the party went haywire creating a comic outcome to save their company. But in the end they successfully saved their company.

Office Christmas Party

3. The Night Before

Once again a comedy movie released in 2015 is the best movie to watch during Christmas. It is the story of three friends who meet annually during Christmas in the best Christmas party. Though two of the friends want to terminate this tradition fixed by them only, the third friend is not ready to terminate it. But at last, it is shown that this tradition was extended to the family members of these friends also. And thus now all the three friends meet each other with their respective family.

The night before poster

4. Happy Christmas

The 2014 comic drama directed by Joe Swanberg. It revolves around the evolution of Kelly to realize the importance of her career with the help of her sister in law.

Happy Christmas poster

5. A night at the museum

This fantasy comedy-drama directed by Shawn Levy will remain the all-time favorite in the Christmas movie. In this drama, the best part is coming back to the life of all the museum objects. And their struggle to save their museum is also the best part and most hilarious part of this movie.

6. A night at the museum: Battle of Smithsonian

Being the apt sequel to the 2006 comic drama, the story progresses after several artifacts of the museum were transferred to Smithsonian. And the story goes on to save the tablet of Ahkmenrah to save the artifacts.

Night at the museum 2

7. Love Actually

Comprised of ten beautiful love stories, this 2003 British rom-com is a must watch with family. Directed by Richard Curtis, the casting of this movie is huge ensemble of popular actors.

Love Actually

8. The Family Stone

This is an emotional and romantic comedy released in 2005. The story uncovers the misadventures of the stone family towards their elder son’s girlfriend during Christmas. On the eve of Christmas, the elder son of the stone family invited his girlfriend with the intention to propose her. But the hostile treatment of his family created hilarious activities.

The Family Stone

9. Home Alone

One will never ever miss the adventures of eight-year-old Kevin who got accidentally stuck in his own house during Christmas eve. The hilarious scenes where Kevin uses his presence of mind to tackle two renowned thieves are a must to watch.

Home Alone

Some other movies which made to the list of 25 best movies to watch at Christmas are

10. A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas

11. Charlie and the Chocolate factory

Charlie and chocolate factory

12. A Christmas Story

A Christmas stroy

13. While you were sleeping

While you were sleeping

14. The shop around the corner

15. Stuart Little

16. A Christmas Tale

17. The Best Man Holiday

18. Elf

A still from Elf movie

19. The Apartment

20. The Nightmare Before Christmas

21. The Muppet Christmas Carol

22. Miracle on 34th street

23. Scrooged


24. White Christmas

25. It’s a wonderful life

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