5 best evergreen bollywood movies

5 best evergreen bollywood movies

How far Bollywood has come today, The movie industry and the people of India have integrated each other deeply. Bollywood has carryforward Indian culture and tradition throughout the world. Whether it be middle east, south Asia or even china the magic of Evergreen Bollywood Movies has spread throughout the globe.

About a century ago the first Indian movie was released Raja Harishchandra in 1913, although it was a silent movie. It believes the movie was one of the most popular of its time.

Followed by the film’s success the industry produced the first sound movie called Alam-ara in 1931 and first colored film Kisan Kanya in 1937. 

Throughout 20&21 century Bollywood has produced thousands of movies but there are few movies that stand apart from the crowd. These movies are often referred to as evergreen Bollywood movies. These movies are so entertaining that even after watching them multiple time you’ll still find them interesting.

I can’t do justice with ranking because there are so many movies which are worth watching before you die but with little time in our hand we can’t watch all of them. I have tried my best and ranked 5 best evergreen Bollywood movies according to their IMDB rating and critics reviews. 

1)  3 idiots

best evergreen bollywood movies

The 2009 movie 3 idiots introduced the masses with the exploitation of students for achieving an educational degree. It looks into the life of three best friends who were pursuing engineering due to social pressure and were not much interested in continuing education.

The movie also shows the future of all three friends and how well they did in their life by starting to do what they love. The movie has beautifully portrayed the social pressure of education in a very satirical way. It’s one of the best movies produced by Bollywood. 

The movie made over $30million in the overseas markets and is today also the 10 highest-grossing Indian films in foreign. 

3 idiots was flooded by different awards and in total won over 24 of them, Which include Filmfare, IIFA, GIMA, Star award. 

2)  Lagaan

best evergreen bollywood movies

The epic movie revolves around the time of the British era, Where a farmer takes the challenge of an English man. In order to liberate the village from taxes for almost three years. It’s a story of patriotism and dedication towards their land and people. The movie teaches many lessons about fighting against arrogance in extraordinary situations. 

The movie is one of the longest in Bollywood and runs to a duration of almost three and a half hours. Its the seventh-longest movie of all time.

Lagaan won over 8 awards in a single night at the 47th Filmfare award which includes the best actor, best screenplay, best music.

3) Gangs of wasseypur

best evergreen bollywood movies

Gangs of wasseypur can be undoubtedly be called the Indian godfather. Through brilliant acting and genuine dialogues its an all-time favorite of many people. But today the movie is more popular among youth for memes and satire. The movie was made with the intention to expose the lawlessness and crime around the parts of India.  

The guardian a UK based media house ranked Gangs of wasseypur as one of the best movies of the 21st century.

Both the first & second part of the film has been awarded different national awards like IFFA and GIMA.

4) Swades

best evergreen bollywood movies

Swades is a text-book example of the movies which don’t do well at release but become and legend afterward. The movie is full of emotion and drama and music. It’s a story of NASA employee who came to India to find his nanny who beloved him when he was young.

Through his experience in rural parts of India, he gets transformed and went on a mission to change his village.

The movie is based on a true story of a non-Indian resident who came to India and couldn’t resist himself to go back to the USA.  

The movie acclaim many awards and Gayatri Joshi won the best female debut of the year.

5) Anand

best evergreen bollywood movies

The 1971 movie Anand will for sure end you with tears. Its a story about a cancer patient who is happy all the time and through his behavior of enjoying his life even when it’s on the verge to end anytime inspires his doctor to write a story about Anand.

The movie is very simple and full of emotional moments it’s one of the best performances of Rajesh Khanna’s career. 

The movie was a low budget production and was not expecting to be super-hit.

Anand movie won the Venice film award besides with Filmfare award in the year 1972.

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