Ananya Pandey Trolls, Kiss, LifeStyle, Controversy and Struggle

Ananya Pandey Trolls, Kiss, LifeStyle, Controversy and Struggle

Ananya Panday is one of the most popular actresses in recent years. She has gained many million followers largely youths. Ananya made her debut with the movie Student of the Year 2. She has also worked in another comedy-drama Pati Patni and Woh. Ananya always manages to sneak into glamour news. But she also lately in news for some not so good reason. Here is an article about Ananya Pandey Trolls, Kiss, LifeStyle, Controversy and Struggle.

Ananya Pandey Trolls

The Spelling Mistake

Ananya Pandey Trolls, Kiss, LifeStyle, Controversy and Struggle

Ananya Panday is quite active on her social media handles. She is also on the list of trollers on social media. Ananya shared a picture of her with besties. But she made a slight mistake. Ananya Panday made a spelling mistake in her post. After this, the whole social media took Storm to troll her. While sharing the photo she captions ‘Charlie’s Angles’ but Ananya was supposed to write  Charlie’s Angels. After this trollers start trolling her mercilessly. From Alia 2.0 to Dumb champion. This one was too harsh. Because typo errors are common and twitter won’t let you edit your posts. 

The Nepotism Remarks

Ananya Pandey Trolls, Kiss, LifeStyle, Controversy and Struggle

It’s no surprise that Bollywood star kids. Had a lot more advantage than a struggling actor. Ananya is the daughter of Chunky Panday. She has been surrounded by Bollywood stardom from her teenage. During a Show, Ananya Panday made a comment which sparks a discussion on the internet.

“Everyone thinks it is all glamorous and that I’ve gotten everything that I ever wanted. But I am very grateful that I am my dad’s daughter and I wouldn’t want it any other way. When people hate me for nepotism, I’m not going to shy away from that I am Chunky Pandey’s daughter. He is still working so hard. I am so proud of him. I am proud to be his daughter,” Ananya Pandey told. A moment after her response. Siddhant Chaturvedi gave a befitting reply to Ananya. That made the whole internet applaud for him. Siddhant Replied, their struggle begins where our dreams are fulfilled. 

Iron Man dad

Ananya Pandey being on target of trollers. Was again trolled for her comment about her dad. Ananya shared an Instagram post with a caption. “Posing with Tony Stark and the hottest principal EVER!!! Thank you for having us @TheFarahKhan ❤️🤩 #BackBenchers”. 

She gave the troller the opportunity to troll her. After this Instagram post memes started popping on the internet. People started comparing others with satirical notable personality. The flood of memes that came from this post made a lot of people laugh. We are sharing some of the tops memes for this topic. 

ananya panday troll

Ananya Pandey Response 

ananya reposne

Ananya Pandey told a story about her school. She said that her school didn’t allow her to have nail polish or kajal. And also due to her skinny body, she was being bullied in her school. Adding to his, Ananya told that her movies are only for entrainment and is not a realistic or documentary film. Ananya said that she had chicken legs and a skinny body and has accepted herself completely. She told that trolls don’t affect me because I have been trolled a lot in my school. Ananya told us that we live in a digital age and it’s inevitable to hide from this technology. 

Kiss Story

Ananya Panday Kiss

Ananya Pandey was present in a promotional event of a student of the year 2. There she revealed something very surprising. Ananya told that kissing Tiger Shroff was her first kiss in her life. She has a crush on Varun Dhawan and has made that very public. This may come to surprise for many about her “kiss story” But she claims it’s true. The Internet is divided on this topic. Some suggest she is lying about her first kiss. And others say its perfectly alright to not kiss someone in your teenage. 

Ananya Pandey Lifestyle

Ananya Panday Lifestyle

Ananya Pandey is net worth around 10 crores. After her movie SOTY 2, She has significantly added a lot of wealth in her own bank account. Ananya has friends from all across Bollywood. Suhana Khan, daughter of SRK is one of them. Ananya was also a friend of Sara Ali khan. She owns a lot of dogs and love being around them. Ananya named her dog Fudge. She made her first performance in Le Bal Debutantes in Paris. Ananya gained a lot of eyes from Bollywood after her appearance. She is a fitness freak and keeps herself fit. Ananya regularly does gymnastics and yoga. Along with this she also started some lightweight lifting.  

Hobbies and Luxuries 

Ananya has done a Photoshoot with Celebrity fashion designer, Manish Malhotra. She is been trained by Yasmin Karachiwala. Ananya is also interested in dance especially Indian classical. She is learning the art of Kathak from the choreographers in Bollywood. Ananya loves to eat and her favorite food is Chocolate and Pizza. She considers Varan Dhavan as a great actor along with Ranveer Singh and Tom Hiddlestone. Ananya also admires Jennifer Lawrence and Deepika Padukone.

Hobbies and Luxuries of Ananya Pandey

She travels a lot but her favorite destinations are New York, Paris, and London. Ananya also loves cricket and is a big fan of Virat Kohli. She has also shown interest in football and consider Neymar as a great footballer. She has also worked in a TV commercial. That was her first commercial story. Ananya Pandey has largely kept her life private. She has not revealed her boyfriend’s name and even if she had a boyfriend or not. Her love life is also a mystery to us.

Ananya Pandey Controversy  

Ananya Pandey doesn’t have a lot of controversies. But there is an incident that might resemble the same. A girl on Instagram claims that Ananya USC is fake. Replying to that Ananya told, “I know that you’ll see this so do a public apology on the same account you posted crap about me or I’ll publicly shame you. Acchha okay I didn’t get in but I never faked it! Get your facts checked princess. I’m barely getting started and you’re already jealous”. 

Ananya Pandey Struggle 

Ananya Pandey Struggle

Ananya Pandey’s struggle is totally negligible. She was surrounded by Bollywood stars from her childhood. Ananya has lots of friends from stars kids. She completed her schooling from Dhirubhai International School. Ananya performed in a show in Paris in 2017. She got signed for her first movie just after college. Ananya regular travel places around the world and enjoys all the luxuries of traveling. She has been to many places like New York, London, Paris, Las Vegas, Name only a few. Ananya is a very privileged girl and born with Silver Spoon. Ananya Pandey gets a lot of Trolls but stories like Kiss and lifestyle. Show us a different side of her.  

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