Atkan Chatkan: Movie Review and Film Summary

atkan chatkan review

Atkan Chatkan is a Zee5 Original Full-Length feature film. The 2020 musical drama got its initial release on 5 September 2020. The musical direction of the movie is given by Sivamani. And the production of the film is done by A. R. Rahman. Atkan Chatkan starring Lydian Nadhaswaram, Who is a successful young pianist. He also won 1 Million dollars in an American TV show. The movie is available for streaming for Zee5 premium subscribers. Atkan Chatkan is a musical drama movie, A story about a boy and his rise and passion for music. 

Atkan Chatkan Cast
  • Lydian Nadhaswaram as Guddu
  • Amitriyaan as Guddu’s Father
  • Yash Rane as Madhav
  • Sachin Chaudhary as Chuttan
  • Tamanna Dipak as Meethi

Atkan Chatkan Film Summary

atkan chatkan film summary

Atkan Chatkan is a story about a 13-year-old boy Guddu, Who works at a tea stall. He has a great passion for music. But he could not fulfill them because of fewer resources. Guddu’s father also an ex-musician, Is broke, and in a habit of alcoholism. And his mother was also a singer, And she left and abandon the family. For this reason, He must start to work at a very young age. Guddu loves to create different types of melodies and tunes. He also put much effort into observing and listening to music.

When he is delivering Tea, He puts his focus to a wedding band practice nearby. Watching it for a good time, He inspired to join them one day. Apart from the Guddu, Atkan Chatkan tells the story of kids living similar life like him. During the day, When Guddu and his friends were wandering around the city. They found an Orchestra and they were fascinated by it. They decided to create an Orchestra of their own. After starting their Orchestra, They decided to participate in a competition. Winning the title, would means that they’ll get an opportunity to learn music. 

Atkan Chatkan Review

atkan chatkan review

Music doesn’t know class or boundaries. Those who have the talent, Will find themselves at the level of those that are already succesful. Atkan Chatkan sells you the idea, That dreams do not correlate with practicality. 

And realism does not have any effect on Talent. If a person has the ability and mindset, He could conquer anything. Atkan Chatkan is a simple and predictable story. In the whole movie, You won’t feel like something is new. The over-simplistic approach makes the two-hour-long movie, Boring.

Shiv Hare has tried to create sympathy for Guddu; Because he has an abusive parent, Bullied by other kids. No opportunity in life. It’s okay, For some time. But afterward, the whole sympathy becomes a 1960 Cliche. Apart, From the poverty background film. Atkan Chatkan differentiates itself with its strong music.

It is the music that makes the film watchable; And does not feel just poverty and sum-dog millionaire arenas. The movie has shown the story of upliftment from talent, Though, It was not perfect. The Visual appeal of the movie is good, But some scenes are just repetitive. The Screenplay and Direction are something you can wave off. It’s a good effort, Not the best. If you have time you can watch this movie. 

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