10 Best Alternative Sites like PutLocker to watch free movies tv shows

Top Alternative sites like primewire to watch free movies Tv Shows

Are you looking for Best Alternative Sites like PutLocker?

The Growth of the Internet has made our lives so much easier. Now we can enjoy and watch free movies Tv Shows from our comfort of home in High Definition video. Due to the recent growth of internet penetration, a lot of websites have been created many of which are offering free streaming of movies and TV shows to New Internet users. There are some premium websites which charge you to pay a monthly fee to enjoy their subscription.  

But Also there are great websites like Putlocker that are offering the same service free of cost. Due to such reason, they are being targeted and authorities have been shutting their website down. They create their website again with new URLs but it’s hard to find the original one. And many times the original one is also down. 

For that reason, we bring you a list of the 10 Best Alternative Sites like PutLocker to watch free movies Tv Shows

10 Best Alternative Sites like PutLocker:

  1. Popcornflix – Most Similar
  2. Fmovies – Free site
  3. GoMovies – Putlocker Like
  4. Primewire(Alternative Site)
  5. MoviesWatcher(Best site)
  6. 123 Movies
  7. Los Movies
  8. Raininerland
  9. Soalrmovie
  10. Niter

Best Alternative Sites like PutLocker to watch free movies Tv Shows

1. Popcornflix – Most Similar

Website: https://www.popcornflix.com/ – Visit Website

PopcornFlix Free Movie site

Popcornflix is one of the best alternatives for Putlocker. It is great and completely free of cost. You can enjoy this website from your smartphone and laptops easily. They have a very big collection and library of Old and New movies on their platform. Popcornflix is quite an old website and has been on the internet for a long time. You can enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows on this website for free. You don’t need to create an account or register on this website to enjoy these benefits. Even if you have an IOS device then also you can enjoy this website services. 

2. Fmovies – Free site

Website: https://fmovies.top/- Visit Website

Best Alternative Sites like PutLocker to watch free movies Tv Shows

Next on my list is Fmovies. This website is one of the best among this list of alternatives for Putlockers. Fmovies is a fantastic movie streaming platform that is free of cost. The website user interface is very premium and simple. You won’t think that this website is free of cost. Also, you are not required to create an account or register on their website. Their easy-to-navigate function is very attractive to many users. Fmovies has categorized all their TV shows and movies in different genres. You just have to visit the website and start watching your movies or choose one from their recommendation list.

3. GoMovies – Putlocker Like

Website: https://gomoviesfree.is/- Visit Website


GoMovies a subtle alternate for Putlockers. Similar to different film streaming platform. This one is one of the best among the race. The website has thousands of titles on their websites. This includes the Latest TV shows and movies. They also keep their website updated with new movies and TV shows. But they have advertisements on their website. We recommend you use an adblocker to get a smooth experience while watching your favorite content. Like other websites, this one also doesn’t require you to sign-up or create an account on their website. They have an enormous amount of content waiting to be watched.

4. Primewire (Alternative Site)

Website: http://primewire.mn/ – Visit Website

Primewire - Best Alternative Sites like PutLocker to watch free movies Tv Shows

Primewire itself is a great website that has its own fan base. If you are looking for a good substitute for Putlocker than you should choose Primewire. Not only It is free to use and accessible across the world.  It doesn’t require you to create an account or sign-up on their website. Primewire is very popular for Movies and TV shows streaming. You can also download the movie to watch it offline in the HD quality. They have a good amount of genres like Horror, Comedy, Action, naming just a few. Their search bar is also very accurate and shows very relevant information.

5. MovieWatcher (Best site)

Website: https://moviewatcher.is/- Visit Website

MovieWatcher - Best Alternative Sites like PutLocker to watch free movies Tv Shows

Moviewatcher has an extensive collection of Movies and TV shows in its library. It seems to be a great substitute for Putlocker. Their website has a very clean interface with well-structured pages. If you are confused about which movies to watch they will help you with that. They have different pages for Top action movies, Top horror movies, etc. Moviewatcher also adds relevant information like Date of Year, IMDb ratings, Genre, etc. For user convenience. You can also search for your favorite movies through their search bar. They thoroughly analyze your searches and give you the best results. The website is mobile-friendly.

6. 123 Movies

Website: https://123movies4u.co/- Visit Website


It won’t be wrong to say that the internet is flooded with websites similar to Putlocker, But there are very few websites that offer safe and reliable content. 123 Movies is one of them. The website receives millions of Hit each month from across the world. 123 Movies are mobile-friendly and also very suitable for desktop viewing. Their prime focus is to bring to great content to you for free. And they are quite successful in their mission. You can enjoy a healthy number of TV shows and movies on their website. They also do not have those annoying ads and pop-ups.

7. Los Movies 

Website: http://losmovies.fun/- Visit Website

Best Alternative Sites like PutLocker to watch free movies Tv Shows

Los Movies is a website that you should trust. They offer a very reliable alternative for Putlockers. A very good thing about this website is that they offer subtitles for many languages. So It doesn’t matter if you are a German, Swedish or french. You can watch your favorite movie in your own language subtitles. The quality of movies and TV shows on this website is enormous. You can expect to watch New and Old content. The emphasis a lot in bringing you the latest content about as fast as they can. So you don’t miss any action and stay ahead in this web world.

8. Raininerland

Website: https://rainierland.is/- Visit Website

Best Alternative Sites like PutLocker to watch free movies Tv Shows

Rainierland is a great website that can for sure take place of Putlocker. It is a very steady and fast website that offers a great service for a cost of zero. If you are looking for movies and TV shows to watch online then you should visit this website. The user interface of the website is amazing and very appreciable. You can expect to get great and latest content every day. You can also ask or request for movies which are not available on their website. It can’t be more awesome features and reviews of this website are comparable to that Puctlocker.

9. Solarmovie

Website: https://www.solarmovie.fm/ – Visit Website


Solarmovie a website just like Putlocker. It is very similar to Putlocker and has a good amount of fan base of its own. Their extensive amount of TV shows and movies will make sure that you won’t get bored. Along with this, you can also expect to watch documentaries and Netflix shows. Their website is very fast and gives a good streaming speed. I don’t think you will face any issues with a decent internet connection for streaming movies on this website. Overall the website is similar to that of Putlocker. If you don’t mind a few ads then you should visit this website without any doubts. 

10. Niter Free movie site

Website: https://niter-movies.com/ – Visit Website


Niter is the unofficial free version of Netflix. Not really though. But It has some of the best movies and TV shows across the internet. You can consider this website as a good substitute for Putlocker. The website has a very premium touch which is only seen in premium subscription. But this website offers it for free of cost. Niter is a very easy-to-navigate website and you can start watching titles from the moment you visit the website. Advertisement on the website is very few and the user interface is also minimal. You can enjoy premium content for free of cost.

I hope you enjoy these 10 Best Alternative Sites like PutLocker to watch free movies Tv Shows. We will update this page for any changes and better websites. 

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