Best Brad Pitt Hollywood Movies: To You Love Him More

Best Brad Pitt Hollywood Movies

Brad Pitt is an international movie star. He has contributed to more than 44 movies. And have given us some of the masterpieces. For that reason, I have to bring you a list of Top 10 Best Brad Pitt Hollywood movies. I have precisely chosen the best of the best from his amazing career. 

1. Moneyball


Moneyball is a story about reinventing an old idea for better results. Two men, Billy and Peter decided to come together to challenge the old-school selection technique. But starting anything new has its own risk. And Billy knows it, For this reason, Its very necessary that their plan should work and produce exceptional results. 

2. 12 Monkeys

12 Monkeys

12 Monkeys is an exceptionally well-made movie. Brad’s acting performance has made the movie a legend. It’s a story about time-traveling, In which prison convicts, Have to volunteer for traveling back in time. And know who was behind the Holocaust that occurred years ago. 

3. Fight Club

Fight Club

Fight Club is one of the most iconic movies of Brad. His acting performance in the movie has made him a big name. It’s a story about how a white-collar man, Who is facing insomnia. He finds himself with a soap seller. And with him he does some notorious things. 

4. Seven


Seven is a story about the seven deadly sins according to the Christians. A man mysteriously starts to murder people like deadly sins. To investigate this case, Two officers are working together. One who has just move to the city, And the other that is about to retire from his job.

5. Inglourious Basterds

Inglourious Basterds

Inglourious Basterds is Brad’s one of the best movies. Quentin Tarantino has shown his magic in the movie. You’ll watch this movie for just 2 hours but It will stay on top of your mind for more than 2 weeks.

6. World War Z

World War Z

World War Z is the dystopian feature of zombies that capture the whole world. Now a united nation employee is investigating the event, And understanding how does this spread to the world. It’s a race if he will be able to save his family and himself from becoming one of those zombies. 

7. Troy


Troy is a fictional war that occurs between the greeks and the spartan. The movie reference itself in the epic ‘Iliad’. It’s a story about a prince, Who falls in love with a princess from the city of Troy. Now the king has declared war against him, And tries to penetrate into his kingdom through a trojan horse. 

8. Snatch

Best Brad Pitt Hollywood Movies

Snatch is the second-best movie for boxing lovers after rocky. Brad acting in this movie, Has made this movie a legend of itself. A lot of people have watched this movie and have gain inspiration from it. It’s a must-watch movie; If you are a fan of boxing and street fights. 

9. Burn After Reading

Best Brad Pitt Hollywood Movies

Burn After Reading is a great comedy movie. It’s a story about two gym employees, Who find the CD that contains memoirs of a CIA agent. after knowing about this advantage they decided to sell it back to the person. But something changes their mind, An they decided to sell it to a Russian embassy. 

10. Mr & Mrs. Smith

Best Brad Pitt Hollywood Movies

Mr & Mrs. Smith is brad’s not the best movie. But It is one of the most popular ones. It’s a story of husband and wifi, Who struggles with their life. And find it difficult to keep up with their marriage. But after a time, They both knew that together they are assassins. And they have got an assignment to kill each other. 

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