Best Oscar Nominated Movies of 2020

Best oscar nominated movies of 2020

Oscar is one of the most prestigious awards any movie can get. And if any movies are winning such an honorable title, It’s worth watching. For that reason, I have brought you the list of Best oscar nominated movies of 2020. These movies are some of the best creations in Hollywood and international cinema. 

1. 1917

1917 Man Standing in Trenches

1917 is hands down one of the Best oscar nominated movies of 2020. It’s a movie about two British soldiers, Who have received an order from the high command. To deliver a message about the trap, In which the allied forces are getting into. And It’s a personal mission. Because one of the British soldier’s brothers is also in the battalion. It’s a knee wrenching movie and one of my favorite movies. 

2. Ford v Ferrari

Ford vs Ferrari Car Race

Ford v Ferrari is especially a motivational movie. That showcase one’s ability is what he thinks in his mind. A story about two men, Who decided to race a ford with Ferrari. It seems unfair, You shouldn’t felt that way. Because both men have worked extremely hard to make the car, A supernova. If you are a fan of the automobile, Then you shouldn’t miss this masterpiece. 

3. Joker

Joker Smiling Face

Joker was one of the most grossing movies for r-rated movies. It has made a fanbase of itself, Apart from being an atom in the batman series. The movie is not about action, emotion, or anything. It’s only about one man and his life. And how he sees the world. The story is very different from the comics and you’ll have a room of discussion after watching this movie. 

4. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Even before the movie got its release. Many people have predicted that this movie will go for an oscar. Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Quentin Tarantino in one film, There was no room for even not getting this movie into Oscars. While the director was able to create the golden period of Hollywood, And the LA city; Before It becomes the hub of cinema. But the really great thing about the movie is the acting performance from the star cast. 

5. Parasite

Parasite Theme

Parasite may not be a delightful watch for everyone. But it certainly has its fan base. From the dark and subtle starting, the movie has presented a perspective different than ours. There are moments in which, You’ll notice many small details that the director has taken care of. Though the movie is about just a family and their ambition to grow. The concept behind the movie reflects the harsh reality of our society. 

6. The Irishman

The Irishman

It was my personal prediction that this movie will make into Best oscar nominated movies of 2020. But It has some flaws, Not from the acting, direction, music. The real evil in the movie is the length. Hollywood has left 3 hours of movies in the 80s only. But getting that duration back has actually bored a lot of people. I know that the movie is trying to bring the old-style cinema, With Al Pacino actings and anger style.  Still, if they would have cut down to least 2 hours. It would have been great. 

7. Little Women 

Little Women

Little Women resemble me of the movie La La Land. Not that they share any story. But just that feeling of things falling apart and getting back to where they are in the end. I personally did enjoy the movie. And I can recommend this as your evening watch. Do remember that the movie is very much for western audiences only. A lot of references and dialogues may not make sense to you. If you are not from the west. 

8. Jojo Rabbit

Jo Jo City

Jojo Rabbit is a story about world war 2. The comical approach of the movie has touch a really deep point of moral choices. Jojo Rabbit is a very unique concept movie and can be a real treat for your weekend watch. The movie has received many good reviews. Because of its direction and storytelling about a very sensitive topic. 

9. Marriage Story

Marriage Story

Marriage Story is there just to put a message; Divorce is horrible. Even when we see the movie from the third perspective, The anxiety and uncertainty keep haunting us. No there are no ghosts, But there is something far worse than that, Emotional Choices. You’ll get overwhelmed by both husband and wife. Because both of them have done oscar-winning acting.  

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