Best Space Related Movies You Can Watch on Netflix

People love watching Space and Alien Sci-Fi Movies on Netflix

best space movies on netflix

One of the most viewed kinds of movies watched by kids and other generations are space and sci-fi movies. Along with the use of visual effects and graphics, the space movies have modified with time.

So let’s see some of the best space movies that can be streamed on Netflix.

1. 2001 A space Odyssey

Even though the year mentioned here is 2001, but the movie was released in 1968.  Even in that earlier era of the ’60s, this space movie had attained an epic cult status. Due to its accurate visualization of space flights and other extraterrestrial life activities, still, this movie is in everyone’s heart. Basically, this movie revolved around the space journey to Jupiter to find the existence of extraterrestrial life and other habitable places for humans. So this movie was starred by Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood. And you can stream this epic movie on Netflix.

2001 A space Odyssey

2. Gravity – A Space Movie

Released in 2013, this movie revolved around the struggle of two American astronauts to return to earth after an accident. So the accident occurred when the space ship which carried the two astronauts got destructed due to some reasons. Thus in order to save themselves, the astronauts came out of space ship leading to stranding in space. In this, the role of astronauts was reprised by Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. Due to its fantastic visual effects, it became a hit in the box office. So we can stream this movie on Netflix and as well as some other streaming portals like youtube, google, etc.

Behind the scenes of gravity

3. Europa Report

So another space-related movie that can be streamed in Netflix is Europa Report. Similar to Space Odyssey, this movie released in the year of 2013 also revolved around finding life in Jupiter. But in this, there was little change, instead of a single person, here the space mission was accomplished by six persons assigned by a private space research company. If you want to know more about the plot of this movie, then you can stream in Netflix, youtube, etc.

Europa Report

4. Apollo 13

Since it was released in 1995, this was one of the most loved space movies among the audiences. So in this, three astronauts of NASA need to find a way to save themselves as their spaceship got damaged. Thus the ground force of NASA should find a way along with the astronauts in space with a damaged spaceship to stop the destruction. Due to the best performances of actors and fantastic graphics, it got a large number of awards including star guild award for best actor and outstanding performance by a cast kind of awards. And the star cast included famous actors like Tom Hanks, Bill Paxton, and Kevin Bacon.

Apollo 13 Movie


5. Apollo 18

Similar to Apollo 13, this movie released in 2011 also based on the adventures faced by astronauts during their space expedition. But this time, the space expedition was chosen as Moon. But this was not just a space fiction but also some horror components had been added here. Actually, this movie was inspired by the fate of the astronauts of the Apollo 18 mission. In this, it was shown that some aliens camouflaged themselves as moon rocks and infected the astronauts who went for an expedition of the moon. Thus the alien killed them by infecting them. So the infections created by the aliens as well as the aliens itself worked as the horror element in the movie. Also, Warren Christie and Llyod Owen were reprised in main lead roles.

apollo18 space movie on netflix

6. The Titan

Another movie which is boosted with visual effects and mind-boggling graphics is “The Titan”. As soon as its release in 2018, it garnered the minds of audiences. So in this movie, scientists were keen to find habitat on the Titan, the largest moon of Saturn. Thus, this movie will be revolving around the adventurous venture faced by the astronauts in Titan.

the titan space movie on netflix

7. Guardians of the galaxy

One of the best Marvel Universal superheroes movies of the kind, guardians of the galaxy released during 2014.  And it is available for streaming in the Netflix platform on subscription format.

guardians of the galaxy netflix movie

8. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Another Marvel comic Universal superhero kind of movies, this is one of the sequels of guardians of the galaxy. And it is also available on the Netflix platform. As per the charts, these two movies are the highest-grossing movies of marvel comic universal superhero movies.

star wars the last jedi

9. Solo: A star wars story

Another star wars concept which can be streamed in Netflix is solo. So the audience can take the pleasure of watching this fantastic space-related movie on Netflix.

solo a star wars story

10. Men in Black franchise

Everyone knows the MIB agents J and K. Most of us are fond of these two characters. So the whole franchise of MIB with its three series can be streamed online in Netflix whenever the audience feels to watch the comic-action movie.

men in black franchise movie

Thus in Netflix, we can stream hundreds of movies with different tastes. And among those tastes, one is space fictions. So the above are some of the best space fiction, one can watch on Netflix.

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