Best Tiktok Alternatives in India

best tiktok alternatives in india

Are you looking for the best TikTok alternatives in India? Tiktok is one of the most popular short-video sharing platforms. Due to privacy and security concerns, The Indian government has banned the following app. Before the ban, Tiktok has over 200 million users in India alone. And the concern of the government is not thin air, Developers have found serious security threat and data mining done through the TikTok app. Following India’s path, The USA also might ban the app in their country. In this article, We’ll explore the best TikTok alternatives in India. You can choose any of these apps, And start publishing or watching videos. 

1. Snack Video 

best tiktok alternatives in india

Snack Video is a popular short video app. It is one of the best TikTok alternatives in India. The app has over 100 million downloads in the playstore alone. This could be a really good app to kick start your journey again, With such a large audience base you’ll have enough room to regain your followers. And if you were a regular watcher of TikTok videos, I’m sure you’ll find your favorite creator on this platform. The app claims, That you’ll never run out of fresh and funny videos in your feed. They have a good algorithm, That promotes new creators.  

2. MX TakaTak

best tiktok alternatives in india

MX TakaTak is the product of Times Internet. It is the subsidiary of the popular video streaming and player app MX player. You do not need to install the app; If you already have the MX player app. Though, Using the MX player version you could not like, comment, or post videos. To do so, You need to install the application from the Playstore or App store. Once, You have installed the app. You can enjoy the reliable short video app without any worries. As the app is under the belt of Times Internet, Which is the subsidiary of Times of India. You won’t face any issue. 

3. ShareChat


ShareChat is a multi-feature app, Available on both web and application. The app has captured a whole lot of users, With their multi-language strategy. The app not only offers Short-Video; But Status, News, and other random stuff. The app is not available in the English language, That might came as a surprise to many. But the developers are targeting the audience from the other side of the internet. You could use the app, As a substitute with other applications. Though, I won’t suggest relying on the app completely, Because the organizational aspect of the app is bad. 

4. Reels 

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This is probably the best TikTok alternatives in India. I know a lot of people, Skeptic about Reels, Because currently, Instagram has launched it as an extended feature. But people, Want a separate app for reels. I do think that Instagram will launch the app on a global scale. Once, The app is available worldwide, Opportunity will arise significantly for new users. Also, Instagram followers are some of the most secure following. You won’t have the tension of the app getting banned. Apart from that, Reels is still in the experimental phase. And the growth of the app is not predictable. 

5. Zilli


Zilli is a short-video app developed by Xiaomi. I can’t explicitly suggest the app for use, Because the app is Chinese. And it could be ban in coming future. But the popularity of the app has made me add the app to this list. The app has over 50 million users on its platform. It could be said that the app might have some security issues, But on a large scale, it is safe. Considering the app is available on the Play store, It may be safe for users. Because Google has a strict policy to evaluate and remove apps that might have security issues. 

6. Roposo


Roposo advertises itself as a proud Indian company. They have even added the term ‘Indian’ in their app title. You could consider the app for a possible replacement of TikTok. If you use the app, You’ll notice bugs and other issues. Because the app is not managed by professional developers. It seems Roposo is the product of college kids. But, As the very big title says ‘Indian’, Using this app you may not have to think of the app getting ban. Roposo also has an earning system, Here, You could make a few bucks if your videos do well with the audience. 

7. Mitron 

best tiktok alternatives in india

Mitron is another ‘Indian’ app, Or what they claim to be. The app is being accused of using the codebase of a Pakistani developer, Although it was a mutual transaction. The credibility of the app still not transparent. Then why I added the app, Because of the current event that occurred last week. Mitron has secured a 2 crore seed funding from their investment round. I believe; Purely base on my assumption. The app will use the money to hire designers and developers to recreate the whole app. Because the current one, Looks ugly and full of bugs. 

8. Chingari

best tiktok alternatives in india

Chingari you may only use the app for pure entertainment. I would not suggest, Creators, to put much effort into creating content on this platform. The reviews have been bad for the app, And also they might not have secure servers. Chingari or ‘Spark’, Could be used as an entertainment option. But putting any effort into the app seems illogical. You could repost your video to gain traction, And increase your main social media followers. Chingari has over 10 million downloads on its app, Though they claim that they have over 25 million. The app could be a good alternative to TikTok, Talking purely on entertainment bases. 

That’s all folks, This was the list of best TikTok alternatives in India, That I could find scrapping through the internet. There were many more ‘Indian’ TikTok ripoffs, But I did not bother to add them here. Tiktok is a very professional app, Managed by team members from the top technology companies. Employes include Ex Tencent developer, Google Product Managers, and a highly productive team. It would be very hard, For the current apps to compete and deliver the quality that TikTok did. But after the big fish is gone, It is the game of marketing, Advertising your app, A million times before someone downloads them.  

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