Best Web Series To Watch in English (Highly Rated on IMDb)

Best Web Series To Watch in English

Looking for the Best Web Series to Watch in English? TV shows have always been part of our daily life. From the time of widespread satellite networks, we have been delighted with a number of great TV series.

But now that we have transitioned into the internet age. We have a plethora of options to explore the best web series to watch in English.

OTT platforms are getting bigger than many traditional production houses. This gives them the liberty to explore new web series in many different genres.

You are not limited to Action, Drama. But now you can explore Science Fiction, Fantasy. That got mostly released on the big screen only.

Grab a cup of coffee and let’s explore the best English web series on Netflix and IMDb.

Top 10 Best Web Series To Watch In English

1. Dark

Dark Best Web Series To Watch in English

Dark is one of the best web series to watch in English. The first german original Netflix web series is a big hit.

From complex characters to quantum physics this web series will explore many science fiction jargons. If you are a fan of time travel then this could be your next binge.

The knotty web series has been summarised in three seasons. If you start this on a weekend morning you may binge it to the end.

But also keeping the complexity in mind; You might take your time to soak in the great writing. Anyhow this will be a good web series to watch. 

IMDb – 8.8/10

2. Chernobyl


Chernobyl was an unfortunate event that occurred in the soviet union (Modern Ukraine). It is considered one of the most horrifying incidents of the 20th century.

And also assumed as the real reason for the dissolution of the might soviet union.

During the night of 26 April 1986, Nuclear scientists made some great errors that caused a blast in the nuclear reactor. Which resulted in the spread of radiation throughout the city. And if not done immediate actions it may even spread through continents.

HBO took on the brave task of capturing the tense environment of that day and the aftermath of the incident. After Band of Brothers, this is one of the best miniseries of HBO. 

IMDb – 9.4/10

3. Black Mirror

Black Mirror Netflix Web Series

Black Mirror is another science fiction on Netflix. This takes human worries about the future to a whole new level.

Yuval Noah Harari the author of the book; The Sapiens. Has said that the show may be fiction but it also has many elements of the future.


He particularly puts emphasis on the Chinese of how they are using widespread monitoring on their population.

If you want to have a look at the dystopian future of humans. Then you must add the show to your watch list. Black Mirror is one of the best web series in English on Netflix.

IMDb – 8.8/10

4. Stranger Things


Stranger Things has been the game-changer for Netflix. Long gone the days when Netflix has to pay hefty royalties to a popular TV show to stream them on the Network.

But after the release of the show, Netflix has successfully captured a wide range of subscribers. This includes a range of teen audiences.

Getting them hooked is quite hard because of their attention span. But Netflix has successfully done that.

And if you are looking for a show with Horror, Drama, and Comedy. Then you must not wait and start streaming the show on Netflix. This is one of the best web series to watch in English. 

IMDb – 8.8/10

5. True Detective 

True Detective 

True Detective shines as the first Crime/Thriller watchable on HBO. The show reflects a different type of story, the one which we are not used to.

From the very beginning of any show, you have to choose sides Black or White. But like many aspects of life, there is also gray. True Detective is all about finding the gray in the police and investigators.

They find dark secrets about their own organization and even about themselves.

If your bookshelf is never getting over with mystery and thrillers. Then this one will be one of your favorites to watch. 

IMDb – 9/10

6. Money Heist

Money Heist

Money Heist or La casa de Papel. Depends whether you say Spanish or like to prefer Espanol. Whatever your thoughts are about Spanish.

You will share the same thoughts of millions about this web series. That it is Fantastic.

You’ll get in love with all the characters in the show. As they gradually change their behavior and evolve through a heist.

The show is about Thieves that decided to ramp up the printing machines to produce billions in the royal bank.

But to get leverage and keep the policía away they decided to abduct the daughter of an authority figure. 

IMDb – 8.4/10

7. BoJack Horseman

BoJack Horseman

BoJack Horseman is a dark comedy animation web series. Definitely not for the little ones. The story follows the life of a humanoid horse, Who was a famous actor of the 90s sitcom.

The show in which he was an adoptive father of three kids. At the time the show was a big hit. But it suddenly got canceled. 18 years after Bojack is going through a midlife crisis.

And wants his dignity back. But in those 18 years, Hollywood has changed significantly.

To make his comeback he must get used to twitter, social media, and whatever that comes with the future. 

IMDb – 8.7/10

8. Orange Is the New Black

Best Web Series To Watch in English

Orange Is the New Black is one best web series in English on Netflix. It showcases Piper Chapman, Who transported drugs to Alex ten years ago.

Without having any conscious about her action she continues with her life. But one day suddenly she is behind the bar.

When police are finally able to get back to her against the case of drug transportation. But when she introduced to the prison.

She gets broke from inside. Going through all the bad experiences forces her to grow thick skin over time. And take actions that were unthinkable before her imprisonment. 

IMDb – 8.1/10

9. House of cards

House of cards

House of Cards was one of the first big gambles of Netflix. And it turns out to be very profitable. The show quickly rises up to become the best web series to watch in English.

The show revolves around the life of Frank Underwood, Who is a Democrat secretary of state.

He seeks revenge against those who have betrayed him when he wanted to rise as a power. With his wife, he takes onto himself to do everything his way to get what he believed to be his own.

But the journey is not easy and full of ruthless choices to become powerful. 

IMDb – 8.7/10

10. Narcos

Narcos Best Web Series To Watch in English

Narcos is a great web series to know the economics of drugs. If you know very little about Latin America. You’ll learn a lot about how things work in a different part of the world.

If you have not to heard about Pablo Escobar, He was a notorious drug lord. The web series is a biography of him rising from poverty to crime money.

And showcase the unpleasant thinks he does to keep his drug business running.

The show is very thoroughly researched and will definitely give you insights about drug crimes. It is one of Netflix’s best original. 

IMDb – 8.8/10

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