Best Web Series In The World To Watch

best web series in world

Web series and TV shows are the pride of any country. Cinematography has its origin, But the evolution of it has different faces in different regions. In this article, We’ll look at some of the best web series in the world. The list consists of shows from around the world including India, South America, the USA, and Uk.

Of course, shows are based on personal preference. And individuals may have different opinions on matters.

The list is not based on any survey or reference for that matter. All the information has been gathered through web research and scanning through reviews. 

List of Best Web Series From Around The World

Best Web Series in India

1. Kota Factory 

best web series in the world

Kota Factory is an Indian web series available to stream freely on Youtube. The show’s makers TVF are a production company that produces many youtube sketches.

They are also popular to create the Show ‘Pitchers’. Almost all of their shows are available for free to stream on their website or youtube channel.

Kota Factory is a story about a small town famous for coaching classes. Here students came from across the country to prepare for their higher studies.

As India has a grading system for college admission, It’s necessary to score well academically to secure your position in top-tier colleges.

The series showcases the struggle and stress a student goes through in this process. 

2. Scared Games

Best Web Series in India

Sacred Games is the first Indian Netflix original. The show is a crime/thriller based on the book by the same name.

Scared games is the best web series in the world; Because the show has attracted many international viewers.

A good part of getting released on Netflix is getting exposure to an international audience. Scared Games is about an incompetent cop, Who goes through many difficulties in his life.

With a single call, his life took a big twist. Now, A cop incapable of even catching local thieves. Have to deal with a situation to save an entire city from being wiped out. 

Best Web Series in the USA

1. Breaking Bad

best web series in the world

Breaking Bad is undoutely the best web series in the world. Even though its popularity grew in the USA at first.

Today the show is also a legend for online web series. Breaking Bad is a show about a chemistry teacher turned drug maker.

Going through a rough phase of his life and facing cancer, A well-respected teacher turn towards crime.

And his love for crime grew so further that he forgets his true identity in the first place. Breaking Bad has won many awards for acting, production, and music.

The show’s popularity convinces the makers to make a similar show ‘Better Call Saul’ based on a character in the breaking bad. 

2. Game of thrones

Best web series in the USA

Game of Thrones broke the whole internet after the release of the show in 2011. Since then the show popularity has grown to become a billion-dollar venture.

HBO’s most successful show is also extremely expensive and has some of the best VFX. If you have not yet watched the show, You are up to a visual treat.

It’s a fantasy Tv show about different kingdoms fighting for the throne of the capital.

George R. R. Martin sold the rights for his best selling books to HBO, Without the ending. So the book ending that not yet published, And the Tv shows ending may have differences. 

Best Web Series in the UK

1. Sherlock 

best web series in the world

Sherlock is a British web series modernizing the legend in today’s world. The book of sherlock has seen many languages across many publications and countries.

For this one, The show is based in the united kingdom. And Benedict Cumberbatch sharing his excellence acting with Martin freeman.

Sherlock has the same grip and feeling like a good old book. The show is one of the most popular in the united kingdom.

It is also known as the best web series in the world. Because you can stream the show on Netflix from almost all countries.  

2. Black Mirror

Black Mirror

Black Mirror is another amazing show about dystopian ideas about our world.

The show takes on a different approach and presents a world with over-domination of robots and technology.

The show has received much appreciation from around the globe. And also many awards in the UK and the USA.

Black Mirror is extremely good at providing fresh content if you are bored with all the same genres.

Finding Black Mirror on this list should not have to be a surprise, Because it’s unlikely that someone would have not heard about the show in the united kingdom.  


1. Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace


Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace that’s not the actual name (Translated from Chinese). The show is the Chinese rip off of The Queen from Netflix.

It’s about the Queen from the Qing Dynasty that has got the throne, And now she is drawn to act like an empress.

The show revolves around her decision making and struggles to keep her status and personal struggles align.

The show is widely popular in China and has been rated over 9.8/10. The cast is fairly popular in the Chinese film industry, That is the third largest movie producing country.

Due to mass blockage and internet censorship, Chinese shows and movies do not make through its border.

But still, China is a big market for Hollywood and even for Indian movies. 


1. Kingdom

The kingdom is one of the best web series in Korea. South Korean pop music is very popular across the world.

But the film industry is also not far behind. It is estimated that the show viewership reaches over 10 million around the world.

The kingdom is about a zombie attack on a town, After the death of a king.

Now the kingdom must fight back to keep this mysterious breed of people away from infecting them.

Korean have a big obsession with zombies and horror movies. train from Busan was also a Korean movie. 

South America

1. Narcos

Best web series in the world

Narcos is a very popular show in South America. Even though the show has it’s popularity in the USA.

The Spanish audiences love this show. If you have little to no idea about the world apart from your own country.

You must watch this web series. Because it’s exploring the billion-dollar drug business and how countries are benefiting from them.

You’ll also know how criminals thrive in a different environment and what is the fate of such criminals.

Narcos have tried their level best to portray things accurately and they have succeeded in doing so. 

2. Money Heist 

 south america

Money Heist is a Spanish web series. It is considered as the best web series in the world, Because when it was eventually released people watching the show internationally exceeded Netflix expectations.

And they have to translate the show in multiple languages. Money Heist is a show about a bunch of thieves with a smart leader, To print billions from the royal bank after capturing the whole system.

To execute their wild ideas they choose people, Who don’t have much to lose in their life.

The show is about if they are going to make their way out safely or the police will eat their dream up. 

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