Bollywood Struggles and Future

Bollywood Struggles and Future

Bollywood Struggles and Future. In this article, I’ll explore the challenges that Bollywood faces, And the future of the Hindi cinema. Before we understand anything about Bollywood, We must first understand what is Bollywood? Bollywood also previously known as Bombay cinema, Are movies that are made in the Hindi language. So basically they have portmanteau the ‘Bo” from Bombay and ‘llywood’ from Hollywood. And came up with their own catchy phrase. Indian cinema no matter the language known as Bollywood by western audiences. That’s enough of the introduction of Bollywood, Let’s get some more perception about Bollywood Struggles and Future, And also, at last, I’ll take a few most asked questions. 

Struggles of Bollywood



If you do not give the chance of growth, You’ll never harness true talent. Most of the actors with new movies under their pocket, Even after repeated flops. Cut down space for new talent to showcase their ability. But after the rise of social media, Mainstream celebrities are facing rage for eating up the market. And those actors that gets on with movie even after having no acting skills are getting bad responses. 


Bollywood is uncertain; Unless you are pack with a family of celebrities. Survival in the cinema is quite hard, Due to the uncertainty of getting work. Many actors even performing in many movies, Struggles to find work. Comparing this to Hollywood, You are not only paid generously for your work, But also your position is secure in movies for a long time. Until and unless the funding of movies are done by a single individual or production. Giving a chance to new talent will be always hard. 

Approval From The Bosses

The Bosses or the big player in Bollywood, Have a grip on the production houses. If they want to stop a movie, They can do so with a single call. Movie-Making is a big industry, And it can’t be controlled with few godfathers. Productions houses must learn to make decisions on their own and make independent choices.  

Dumb Directors

The direction of the movie is the most important aspect of film making, Though there are good directors, Most of them are just dumb. They are only hired; Because they have sufficient contacts in the movie industry. If you have not watched movies like Dunkirk in India, That’ not because of budget, It is because of those dumb directors, Who lack the ability and skills to deliver on a global scale. 


Indian audiences love to outrage, People do not understand the simple fact that movies are fake. After the incident of Padmaavat, Few directors will even think of recreating the historic movies in India. And those that will do, Will either try to fictionalize events to favor the majority. Or they will try to avoid making movies completely.

Future of Bollywood


Growth of Independent Media Houses

The growth of Independent Media Houses is a gift to the Indian cinema. I’m talking about production houses like TVF, Which started as a digital video production company. But Today, They are producing mainstream movies. I’m sure that We’ll see a lot of independent media houses, Taking responsibility and giving chances to new talents. After the rise of a digital movie release, I’m positive that more such independent houses will arise. This is an amazing idea, Because your favorite YouTuber, Might direct movies for 70 mm cinema. 

High Budget Movies

High Budget Movies will be the golden age for Indian cinema. India is the home of the Himalaya and the country with the oldest civilization. We have soo many stories to tell, Those that are popular through the mouth and those that are buried in the library. But to do that, We must invest good capital in movie making. Even releasing movies in multiple languages, Spanish, English, etc. We’ll help gain the revenue needed to fuel such projects. 

Exploring More Genre

If we give chances to the independent media houses, They will delight use with new genres. I’m sure you are also tired of the same genre of movies. Love, Drama, etc. But, You could explore new genres, Historic, Sci-fi. Let me ask you, What is the last good sci-fi movie you watch? You will struggle and even can’t count down a few of them. That what’s my point, We have zero fantasy movie other than Bahubali, You can’t name any movie. 


Adaptations, Once, Writers have the creative liberty to write their own stories. And not bond with the actor, That wants his role to be superior. You’ll see a great lot of movies, With Anti-Hero, Fantasy movies like Lord of The Rings, maybe something Like Game of Thrones. There are soo many great Indian authors, That would love to see their stories visualize on the big screen. And web series like Sacred Games, Gives hope that adaptation from books and other genres as possible. 

QNA for Bollywood 

Why Bollywood movie release on Friday?

I added this question, Just because soo many people are curious about this one. Bollywood movies or films in general release on Friday, because of the commercial reasons. Movies should be available on Saturday and Sunday to watch by the masses. Because that’s how the working days are around the world. Also, Friday is considered as auspicious according to Hindus. 

Why Bollywood is worst than Hollywood?

If you pin down the word Bollywood in the search engine, You’ll start seeing suggestions like Why Bollywood is garbage, dumb, bad, etc. But the biggest criticism of Bollywood is the comparison from Hollywood. And in my opinion, You can’t compare Hollywood with Bollywood at all. Indian cinema is the clone of the Hollywood, At times when 90% of the Indian people don’t wear suits, Movies show all the characters wearing luxury clothing. The 80s, 90s were just a direct duplicate of the movies in the USA.

What is the major difference between Hollywood and Bollywood?


Bollywood revenue for the whole year is around $2 billion, On the other hand, Hollywood revenue dwarfs its counterpart with over $10 billion revenue. 


Opportunity is massive for new players in Hollywood, But Bollywood has blockage for new actors. Opportunities to earn more and sustain is the motto of Hollywood. But Bollywood pays you badly and does not offer a certainty of work. 


Of course, Hollywood popularity dwarfed Bollywood’s presence. Even in India, Many prefers to watch Hollywood movies compare to Bollywood. But that does not mean that Bollywood has no international fans, Indian cinema has a firm grip in south Asian and middle east countries. 

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