Chhapaak Movie Review, Star Cast, Trailer, Release Date

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Here is a short review of the movie, “Chhapaak” which is going to be released in Jan 2020.

Genre: Biopic

Director: Meghna Gulzar

Lead actors: Deepika Padukone and Vikrant Massey

Release Date: 10th January 2020

Rating: 4 out of 5 star

Chhapaak Release date

One of the acclaimed directors in directing biopics, Meghna Gulzar is back with her another biopic version on Acid attack victim’s activist Laxmi Agarwal. So the release of this biopic is on 10th January 2020.

About the Movie Chhapaak

Among the infinite crimes done against women mostly in India, some such cases were acid attacks on women. Mostly the accused attacks the victims who refused their advances. So the ego of a male is so big that it fails to see the future and pain of another person. Buying and throwing acid on women just because they said “NO” is an easy way of punishment given to girls for hurting the big fat male ego. So this movie is based on one such victim’s real-life story.

The victim Laxmi Agarwal was attacked with acid at a tender age of 15, just because she refused the advances of the accused. But the attack did not stop Laxmi from fighting for her dreams. She became the support of several other acid attack victims and raised a petition in the Supreme court to ban the sale of acids. But still, there is no improvement or restrictions in the banning of acid sales. Because of the conflict of interest between state and central government, there is no banning yet. For the government, it is just a mere issue of burning and not the burning of one’s whole life’s dream. So in this movie, Meghna Gulzar tried her best to point out in front of the eyes of the government and all other people, the ordeals faced by the victims of acid attack.

chhapak movie review

Chhapaak movie trailer

Just like the previous two Meghna Gulzar’s movie, this one’s trailer is also optimized in all quantities. There are no extra emotional or sentimental talks in the trailer. So the trailer is short and it shows to the point concept. Thus the story is focused on the ordeals faced by Laxmi and not any sentimental talks. The brave and courage of Laxmi have been shown in the portrayal of character Malti. Also, the prosthetic makes up of Deepika is looking realistic in the trailer. So the trailer is itself a hit as soon as it hit the social sites.


Chhapaak movie review

A perfect movie on social awareness about the ordeals faced by acid attack victims. Though we can only see the effects and burning sensation of the victims, the real feelings can be felt by the victims only. But by this movie, the director has tried her best to make the audience feel the pain of victims. In this acid attack, the victim has to bear unbearable physical pain and then society is present to do its work of criticizing. So the victim’s confidence can go to zero unless they are supported by strong family and friends. So hopefully this movie will be hit as it will be striking the right chord of the audience’s heart.

Casts of Chhapaak

Hence, the real-life character of Laxmi Agarwal is made into reel life Malati with the acting skills of Deepika Padukone. Along with Deepika, Vikrant Massey is getting his first break in Bollywood as Deepika’s partner.

Movie Verdict

The transformation of Deepika as an acid attack victim has left most of the audiences stunned in the trailer. But Deepika and Vikrant have done complete perfection to their roles as Malati and Amol. Mostly, Deepika has shown the emotions felt by acid attack victims at the point where she sees her face after surgery is heart-wrenching. But the spirit of Laxmi Agarwal to fight for herself and also for other victims is really commendable and that is showed graciously in the movie. So basically this movie is the success story of Laxmi Agarwal who succeeded in overcoming her destiny, which was destroyed by some Inhumans. So accolades to Laxmi for her spirit as well as the whole team of Chhapaak for their rendition on this important topic. Thus I would rate this movie as 4 out of 5 stars.