City of dreams review: Another refurbished cliche of Mumbai and gangs

City of dreams review

The city of dreams is a Hindi web series. That is available with multiple Indian languages on Hotstar. It was first aired on 3 May 2019. The web series was directed by Nagesh Kukunoor. It is the part of the Hotstar new subscription plan called Hotstar special, That you can watch with the VIP membership. The web series is set to capture the behind the scenes of a political battle within a family. Disney funded Hotstar has a lot of money to spare on different genres, And crime is particularly a profitable one in India’s OTT market. It is another attempt to serve a crime thriller. 

City of dreams Story

City of dreams Story

Without giving any spoilers let’s take a brief look at the outline of the story. In the city of Mumbai, There is a political family.  In which, A new head needed to be chosen. But the old bear, Has been lying in a hospital bed. And before the decision is to be made, He is dead. Once, the space for political leadership is a vacuum. Our protagonist, in this case, two of them. Have a fight for that position. Like criminal justice, It has a similar pace of character building and has similar twists and turns. The 10-part web series is not a unique story just a refurbished one. 

Why It Was Made?

City of dreams review

After the success of web series like scared games, Mirzapur. It is clear that the Indian audience is into crime thrillers. Hoststar has already made a similar web series called criminal justice, And got a pretty good response. So it was obvious that they will bet on something that is tried and tested. And till the time web series are not as big as The Witchers, And Game of Thrones. We will see similar plots in different contexts.

The One Line Review –

Average writing with great cinematography and acting, A one time watch with very low expectations.

City of dreams Review

My flying points for this web series will go only for its music. The BGM of the web series is applaudable, I was very much thrilled with the scene that runs parallel with music. The acting of Ashish Gaikwad seems very genuine as he himself belongs from Maharashtra.

It was a visual treat seeing him perform the role of the male protagonist. It would be unfair to rule out the acting of Wasim Khan, Who played the role of inspector. Similar to Sartaj Singh in scared games. He is a policeman, Who doesn’t fear anyone. And work in his own way.

City of dreams review

But the real eye-catcher is Poornima Amre, Her acting in the web series is the heavy lifter to keep viewers’ attention. The supporting cast of the web series has also done a fabulous job. The only thing wrong was the writing of the web series. Dialogues seem quite flawed, The web series seems like a stereotype of the ’90s portrayal, With today’s camera lens.

There is nothing new in the City of dreams, And many times while watching the web series you’ll feel nostalgic. Not because it will remember you something, But for the reason that we have already seen many web series and movies on similar topics. Overall, An okayish web series, That you can watch if you are done with the task that you have put on your todo list.

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