Class of ’83 Movie Review and Film Summary

Class of '83 Review

Class of ’83 is an Indian drama-thriller movie. The film got its initial release on 21 August 2020. Class of ’83 got its direction from Atul Sabharwal. The film is based on the book The Class of 83 by Hussain Zaidi. The movie got its production under the banner of Red Chillies Entertainment. Class of ’83 was released digitally on Netflix. The movie story revolves around the life of a cop, Who trains a bunch of students. To take down corrupt government officers and criminal friends. 

Class of ’83 Cast
  • Bobby Deol as Vijay Singh
  • Anup Soni as Manohar Patkar
  • Joy Sengupta as Raghav Desai
  • Hitesh Bhojraj as Vishnu Varde
  • Bhupendra Jadawat as Pramod Shukla
  • Sameer Paranjape as Aslam Khan

Class of ’83 Film Summary

Film Summary

The story of Class of ’83 revolves around a group of 5 policemen. These men are trained by Vijay Singh (Bobby Deol). Vijay Singh is an honest policeman and his priorities are to defend this city. Even when her wife was having trouble with her health, He continued his work to capture an infamous mobster.

Vijay was partially successful in the mission; Because his team was able to gun down all the members except the main gangster. The information about this raid was available between Vijay Singh and a local Politician. When Vijay confronted the politician about this, His weird behavior it was evident that he has a role to tell the gangster before the raid. When Vijay came home, He finds her wife died.

And when he went back to the police station, He was terminated from his job. Vijay took a dean job in Nagpur to train other police officers. Here, He gathered five students that do not perform well in the overall enrollment of the service. But have the ability to think out of the box. Vijay trains them to take revenge against the crimes that mafias and politicians have done. 

Class of ’83 Movie Review

Class of '83 Review

The movie is not about Bobby Deol. From the trailer, It looks like the Valiant cop has a lot in the movie. But his role is limited to kickstart the reason for the other five students to take revenge. The whole movie seems like a big trailer.

Class of ’83 is only 90 minutes long, Cutting all the credits and other information. There will be moments where you’ll think the movie was made longer, But the editor was forced to cut the movie more than usual. Like many shots, Just randomly cuts and it does not give you the time to process the dialogues. I’m strictly on the side, Of keeping movies short. But if a story needs character development you can’t play with this rule.

The film has done a bad job in Character Development, You might forget the names of characters just after few hours of the movie. Though, I have forgotten the names myself. Class of ’83 is an emotionless movie, You won’t feel strong emotion of any kind, Let it be anger, sad, happy. Uniqueness is missing in the movie, It feels like the movie is made with good bricks, But the architecture is the brick builder himself. I will say, A clear, No, if you plan to watch this movie. You’ll waste a good 90 minutes watching this movie. 

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