Criminal Justice Review: A Balanced Version of Peter Moffat Orginal Writing

Criminal Justice Review

Criminal Justice is an Indian web series directed by Tigmanshu and Vishal Furia. It is an Indian adaptation of Peter Moffat’s original work. The first episode of the web series aired on 5 April 2019. To date, the series has 10 episodes in season one. It is Hotstar’s biggest hit for original content. The star cast in the web series has already made their mark in many other shows. Whether it’s Vikrant’s role in Mirzapur or Anupriya Goenka in Padmaavat. The mystery/drama series is a treat for those looking for entertainment with a thriller. 

Criminal Justice Cast

Criminal Justice Story 

People who had already watched the BBC’s Criminal Justice’, Will find a lot of room for guessing the plot of the web series. But if you are not one of them. Then you are heading for a suspense journey. From its first episode, the web series tries to capture every nail bitting attention of yours. Although there are some scenes that may fall under the Boring category. But still, the dots connecting of character building is joyful to watch at the end. The story begins with a cab driver or the male protagonist that gets a chance of having a one night stand with her customer.

Criminal Justice Review

But his decision will turn dreadful for him. After he wakes up, He finds himself in a strange situation. Everywhere blood was piling up the victim’s body was stabbed multiple times. Confused with fear he leaves the place but, while getting back he meets with an unfortunate accident. After this, he was taken to a police station for further investigation. Now Aditya, Finds himself in a rape and murder case. He meets with lawyers to get this case go off. But evidence has strangled him very tightly. From here the story is about, What will happen next?

Why It Was Made?

Shridhar Raghavan is not doing very well in today’s cinema. And he seizes an opportunity that might change it. BBC Studios India has been closely looking for writers that are doing underdog in Indian cinema. Both find themselves in a very comfortable space and decided to go along with the story. Writing a completely new story would be a too large risk to take, So they decided to adopt an already successful story and mold it into an Indian version.

The One Line Review  –

Deserve a watch, Criminal Justice is an authentic Indian adaptation with great acting and cinematography

Criminal Justice Review

Criminal Justice Picturefoil

Having an IMDB rating above 8 for a popular show is definitely a great thing. That did suggest people are actually enjoying the show. Let’s discuss some points about the web series. My flying points for this web series is reverse for the acting of Vikrant Massey. It is just flawless. You’ll feel the efforts put in by him to get that realism in the web series.

It is very great that Indian entertainment industries are getting great names that are well equipped to play fine and critical roles. That was reserved for only a few of those big names in the Indian cinema.

Anupriya Goenka acting is amazing and she has done justice for her role. Other casts such as Pankaj Tiwari doesn’t require any words for his acting. His name in the cast only adds weight to the web series. Overall, A web series that is a treat after a long working day. 

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