Dabangg Animated Web Series: Know the details

Dabangg Animated Web Series

Salman Khan’s fans are up to an animated treat.  Because the Super-hit movie Dabangg is now being converted into an animated web series. Arbaaz Khan Production has made a deal with an animated company based in Singapore. The animation studio Cosmos-Maya is working to create Dabangg Animated Web Series from the original trilogy.  

The web series won’t be an offcut mini-series. But a full-blown web series with over 52 episodes. Many suggest that the web series will only be a web exclusive. That means we won’t able to find the web series on television. In the past, We have seen many web-exclusive contents later telecast on television. For this one, we just have to wait and watch. 

When will this hit on OTT platforms 

Chulbul Pandey

About the publishing of the web series. We still don’t have any idea about which platform it will be released. Reports suggest that the production is in contact with multiple OTT platform. And looking to get the best deal. If we have to speculate it will be most probably on Netflix or Prime Video. But we can’t ignore the popularity of Disney+ Hotstar. They may be also interested in bringing this hyped web series on their platform. 

As you would have already seen around yourself. Kids no longer spend their days in front of the television. But they are now addicted to their mobile phone. And if a production company wants their shows to be successful then they need to revise their strategies to 2020. Dabangg Animated Web Series is a step-forward towards breaking the norm; And giving more importance to digital than traditional television. 

Dabangg Animated Web Series will not only showcase the main Chulbul Pandey character but also Rajjo, Chedi Singh, Bachcha Bhaiya, and others. This web series is not just an adaptation but replication of the original super-hit movie. Dabangg after getting its release in 2010, Has gained millions of followers and also collected cores in revenue. The makers of the show are also expecting a similar response from the young Indians. But It will be seen if the show could make that much impact on the kids.

What Arbaaz Khan think about this project

Arbaaz khan

The production of the web series will start this year. Exact month and date have not been public by the publishers. Arbaaz Khan is quite positive about the show; Because he thinks that creative liberty for an animation series is infinite. And you have the freedom to tell the story in very unparalleled ways. The animation series will be showing many aspects that the movies were not able to showcase. 

Arbaaz Khan is positive that Cosmos-Maya will bring the same glory to this animated web series. As the movie brought to millions of people. He suggests that the Indians have the idea of the character, And it will be no brainer that they will love this web series. With the production company being so confident about their show, It’s hard to argue why the show won’t going be a hit. 

Whether or not the show will make it to the top web series. It is certain that the digital presence can’t be ignored anymore. And production companies need to invest in their digital infrastructure.

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