Dora and The Lost City of Gold – reviews and preview

Dora and The Lost City of Gold

Dora is back and has grown up!

Nickelodeon brought back an all-time favorite kid’s show and turned it into live-action.

The movie title is “Dora and the lost city of gold.”

dora looking over her back with her friends in the jungle

It is showing in cinemas for already a few weeks.

Dora is a teenager but is equal to her enthusiastic 7-year-old self makes the show comical.

Many can relate with Dora in this movie, having trouble into shifting as a little kid to a socially awkward teenager.

Dora in this movie has spent most of her life away from other people other than her parents.

Her professor’s parents are homeschooling her.

Dora and her parents

Dora always explores the jungles of South America, just like in the TV series.

But when her parents figured out a way to find the Lost city of gold, she was sent to Southern California.

She reconnects with her cousin and childhood best friend Diego and attends a public school for the first time.

‘Dora And The Lost City Of Gold’ are not really for teenagers.

It is actually for tweenage-and-younger kids who look toward the high-school horizon.

It makes them wholly inspired and feared at the same time.

What made the movie work so well is Dora herself.

What makes Dora and The Lost City of Gold worth watching

Madelyn Miranda plays the role of young Dora and Isabela Moner as the teenager Dora.

Isabela Moner
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – JULY 28: Isabela Moner attends the LA Premiere of Paramount Pictures’ “Dora And The Lost City Of Gold” at Regal Cinemas L.A. Live on July 28, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

Moner, who we know that is impressive in the acting film, which we saw in ‘Transformer: The Last Knight,’ ‘Instant Family’ and ‘Sicario: Day of the Soldado’ – makes the film fantastic.

She brings the good-humored, apologetic, energetic, and so enthusiastic character to life so effortlessly.

Even when she sings her silly songs about backpacking and poo – which is a catchy, silly, and fun song number – she will surely win you over.

Eugenio Derbez ably delivers some slapstick that everybody will surely enjoy.

It also helps that James Bobin, the director of the movie, previously directed family movies such as ‘The Muppets,’ and ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass.’

Though, others say that not everything about this movie is gold. Some say that some of the jokes don’t quite land.

Also, the CGI on Swiper the fox – voice by Benicio del Toro – and Boots the monkey – sound by Danny Trejo – is just horrible.

boots the monkey

Swiper’s appearance seems to be a distraction and out of rhythm.

But we do get one funny line about why Swiper needs to wear a mask.

Movie reviews from Some Movie Critics

This surprisingly funny, earnest adaptation of the beloved bilingual kids’ show features an unwaveringly positive teen version of Dora.” Sandie Angulo Chen from Common Sense Media says.

While Beth Webb from Empire said, A little heavy-handed with its moral messaging, this is nevertheless a self-deprecating and diverse tale of discovery. Michael Peña’s take on rave culture alone is worth your money.”

So if you are looking for a movie to bond with your family, consider watching this hilarious movie.

It will surely bring joy and laughter to you and your kids (if ever you have one, or bring out the inner kid in you)

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