Extraction Review: Just Another Action Movie

Extraction Review

Extraction is a Netflix original movie. That got its release on 24 April 2020. The movie is directed by Sam Hargrave. And produced by Chris Hemsworth. It’s a story about a mercenary, That is being hired for the escape of a kidnapped son. But the story turned deadly When the father of the son is a dangerous drug dealer. Now it’s Chris’s duty to not only make the escape of the kid But also bring him back to India. 

Cast & Crew

Chris Hemsworth Tyler Rake

Golshifteh FarahaniNik Khan

Rudraksha Jaiswal Ovi Mahajan

Shivam Vichare Sachin

Piyush Khatri Arjun

Randeep Hooda Saju

Pankaj Tripathi Ovi Mahajan Sr.

Extraction Story  

Extraction Review

Extraction is India’s one of kind action movie. Because if you are familiar with John Wick, you know, That Indian cinema has not made anything similar to that. Though this movie is made not by completely Indian crew. It has many Indian faces. The story of the movie begins when a high profile kidnapping takes place in India. The kid that got kidnapped is the child of a big drug dealer in India. He is looking to get his son back to India at whatever cost. In that effort, He starts looking for different options to get his kid back. 

The most prominent one was to hire a mercenary, Who will go to Bangladesh and bring his kid back. But that won’t be going to be a piece of cake either. Because the other party that has kidnapped his kid, Is also a big drug dealer. Now in this chaotic city of Dhaka. He sets onto his mission to rescue the kid. Tyler Rake has to face many difficulties because he is in one of the dense city in the world. And if he wants to make out alive. He needs to be cautious at every point. 

Extraction Review 

Extraction Review

Extraction is directed by Sam Hargrave, Who is a stuntman. So even before watching the movie, I have my own doubts about the movie. And Yes, my fears turned out to be true. From the very beginning, we can see the movie was completely focused on stunts and actions. The story has very little substance in the whole movie. As Netflix was trying to squeezing in everything from this production, They added three languages. It’s very painful to watch the whole movie in multiple languages. Unless you love to stare at your bottom of your screen for subtitles. 

If we leave the part that the movie script is very obvious. And solely focus on the movie, action, and cinematography. Then this movie is absolutely great. If you love the action in the john wick movie. Then you’ll love this movie. Because It’s full of great hand to hand compact. And Chris Hemsworth acting is one key reason why people will watch this movie. And why you were excited about the movie. He has done a very good job. There is no hard felling about his acting, But the story is actually heartbreaking. Any 10-year-old could guess the plot, And the whole movie is just Netflix another a little disaster plot. 

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