Extremely Wicked, Efron as a serial killer Review

Zac Efron plays as the notorious serial killer!

Zac Efron in Netflix’s Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil And Vile earns a lot of feedback.

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Some feedbacks are positive, but some are pretty negative.

Since this movie is about Ted Bundy, most are expecting that this whole movie contains facts.

But some are dismayed that Bundy’s crimes are not fully showing in this movie.

Some are even furious about why this movie shows that a monster like Bundy can care for someone else but him.

Ted Bundy is a notorious rapist and serial killer.

He admitted killing 30, but they say that it might be more than that.

For me, the producer’s and writer’s goal is not really to show how a monster Ted Bundy is but, to show what relationship he had with Liz Kendall.

Since the movie’s basis is from “The Phantom Prince: My Life With Ted Bundy” by Elizabeth Kendall.

Zac Efron as Ted Bundy
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Zac Efron plays the role of Bundy.

Some think that it’s unsettling how they made Bundy look like a dreamy hottie.

Facts can back this up since Bundy used his good looks and charms to get his victims.

Movie Plot

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, And Vile is somewhat calm and self-assured.

This movie introduces Bundy as an ordinary handsome man who lives with his single-mom girlfriend.

Bundy’s arrest for assault in Utah shows early in the film.

This arrest would be the first for all the charges he will face that leads to his execution, in 1989.

Even though this film shows Bundy’s trial and tackles every gruesome thing he did, he is not the protagonist in this movie.

Almost the whole movie shows the life of Elizabeth Kendall, who is played by Lily Collins, in amidst of Bundy’s trials.

lily collins and Liz kendall
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Kendall is a divorced single parent who meets Bundy at a bar in Washington.

After a night together, their relationship grows, though she is entirely unaware of what he does when she’s not around.

She stays with him and believes his vague denials, giving him her support.

It shows what effect Bundy had on Kendall.

Even though Bundy is away from her, she is slowly dying because of him.

When she started not answering his phone calls, she slowly became an alcohol addict.

Also, as Bundy’s cases were piled up, her will to live goes down.

Extremely Wicked’s version of telling Bundy’s story

Joe Berlinger, the director of Extremely Wicked, had to think of something to excite the audience.

Berlinger thought the movie would be boring if the point of view never left Kendall’s side.

So, Berlinger had to change the view from Bundy to Kendall.

We all can agree that this version is ideal.

Agree to disagree; nothing is exciting about watching someone sit and cry while smoking and drink alcohol as they watch the TV for news about their serial killer boyfriend.

The rest of the movie shows Bundy’s Florida trial and how he still loves Kendall even if he marries Carol Anne Boone (Kaya Scodelario).

Kaya and Carole Boone

Not even once in this movie shows the gruesome killings of Bundy.

Berlinger gives the audience something to think about, whether Bundy made the killings or not.

Bundy showing a substantial denial and even standing for himself in court can be mind-boggling.

Whether we want a movie with gruesome scenes or a documentation movie tackling Ted Bundy’s crimes, this movie is worth watching.

It can surely open our minds a bit on how a wolf can forever disguise himself as a sheep.

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