free marathi movies download sites

free marathi movies download sites

Finding regional movies online is a big task. In this article, I have shared with you free Marathi movies download sites.

These websites are free and give you a wide range of movies. A big issue many individuals have that they do not find old Marathi movies that are not released digitally.

But the website that I’m sharing with you has all the old and new Marathi movies. This list is consists of websites that offer all genres of movies.

You’ll even find Hollywood movies that are dubbed in the Marathi language. Not only movies but also TV shows and serials. 

These websites also have a number of recipes in Marathi. You can access the whole catalog of their videos for free. Advertisement on these websites is also very minimal.

And also you do not have to register for any kind of subscription. Even don’t have to share you email id with them. Just visit their website and start watching new and old movies.

The list of top Marathi movies free download sites is available in all-region. Mostly you need a VPN for such websites. But for these websites, you do not need any VPN. Of course, It’s always good to protect your identity online with a VPN. 

List of Marathi movies free download site

1. Mp4Moviez

 free marathi movies download sites

Mp4Moviez is a multi-language movie website. Here you’ll find all types of movies and shows. This is one of the best free Marathi movies download sites.

Because it offers a very big catalog of movies. Not just popular shows, But also those that are forgotten. Mp4Moviez offers a number of genres from action, drama, and emotional movies.

You’ll even find Korean movies on this website. Mp4Moviez is famous for uploading South Indian Dubbed movies in regional languages. Such as Hindi and Marathi.

You can visit the Marathi Movies Collection page and explore their website. I’m pretty sure you’ll find something good to watch and download for free. 

2. Marathi Unlimited 

marathi movies free download site

Marathi Unlimited is all in one entertainment website. Here you’ll not only find movies to watch. But also be delighted with Articles, Delicious recipes, and more.

They even have their own android app, Which keeps you updated with new movies and articles.

On their website, you’ll also find English to Marathi conversion page. Here you can convert the text into Marathi.

So you can search for a particular movie. In their movies section, they have categorized all different genres in one place.

Here you’ll even find documentaries in the Marathi language. They also share local Marathi Natak on their website.

If you are done with movies you can watch songs and animated shows in the same category. 

3. Marathimovieworld

 free marathi movies download sites

Marathimovieworld is a Marathi language website about movies and tv shows. They provide updates and reviews about new movies.

But they also share links on their website for downloading new Marathi movies. You can visit their website and look for you favorite movies and they will share the link with you to download directly in your device.

The good thing about the website is you’ll find a review of the movies before you can start watching it.

This will definitely save a good time of yours and you can avoid bad movies. is one of the best free Marathi movies download sites. 

4. Thoptv


ThopTv is particularly not a website. But this one is a gem; if you are looking for a reliable way to watch movies online. 

They have over 3000+ live channels on their network. You can even install the ThopTv App on your television and enjoy new shows and movies directly from the comfort of your couch.

You are only a search away from any of your favorite Marathi movies. Because their catalog has an extensive number of movies from around the globe.

Also, they have options to change the language for different movies. They even have support to cast movies directly from you phone to TV. 

How to download ThopTv on Your Phone/TV

1) Visit the official website of ThopTV, Once you are here, Look for the download button on top of the header.

2) Once you are on the download page, Choose the android version from the above option. If you are installing for other device choose differently. 

3) Open settings and search for unknown installations, Allow the button for all installations.

4) Install the downloaded file on your device. Open the ThopTv App.

5) When you open the app, Here you’ll find many options. But you have to scroll through the ‘Search for Movies’ options.

6) Here you can search for any Marathi movies and directly stream it for free. 

5. HDFriday

 free marathi movies download sites is a website about free regional movies and tv shows. They have movies in a number of languages including Marathi, Punjabi. and Hindi.

Here they have a list of most popular movies that you can start watching without any registration. Their web interface is very inclusive any person can easily navigate through the website and find their favorite movies.

Either you can explore there already categorized movies lists such as Hollywood Movies, South Indian Dubbed Movies, and Bollywood Movies.

Or choose to explore on your own. HDfriday offers a very powerful search bar that you can use to find any movies of your choice. HDfriday is the best free Marathi movie download site. 

6. Youtube

 marathi movies free download site

The good old youtube is still a great place to find Marathi movies. Youtube is a democratic platform where anyone can upload their content.

So there is a high chance of your favorite movie already being uploaded on the platform. Even though youtube has a copyright system that automatically removes content that violates the infringement law.

But Old and even some new Marathi movies do not have an active team to report the copyright for such upload.

This gives many people the opportunity to explore a number of movies form the high-speed youtube server.

This is why I consider youtube as a good Marathi movie free download site. If you are good with streaming movies of the Youtube App. It’s fine.

But if you are looking to download the movies locally on your device. Then follow the below steps. 

How to download youtube videos for free

1) Visit the youtube website or open the app. 

2) Search for the movies that you want to download. On the website copy the link from the URL bar. If you are on the App, Click on the share button and copy the link to the clipboard. 

3) Once, You have the link for your youtube video. Visit this website for downloading youtube videos.

4) Paste the link on the website and choose the quality of the video you want. After this click on the download button.

5) After the download, you can find the video in your local video player application. 

7. Filmywap

FlimyWap.One is another free Marathi movie download sites. Here you have all sorts of movies from Bollywood, Hollywood, and even Tollywood.

The search interface for the website is very straightforward and easy to use. If by any chance you won’t find the movie you are looking for.

You can also request them to add the movie to their catalog. They will swiftly help you to make their website better. is one of the best Marathi movies free download site. You can find a wide range of tv shows and movies on this website. 

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