Free Movies Download in Marathi

free movies download in marathi

Finding a website and apps that let you free movies download in Marathi is hard. Because many websites focus completely on Bollywood and Hollywood.

But In this article, I have shared with you websites that allow you to download free full Marathi movies.

You can watch movies in all genres and also download them at high speed. The sites and apps that I have shared are reliable and very fast.

Using these apps and websites you can also watch movies offline. You don’t have to stream them online. Here is the list of best Marathi movies download apps and websites

Best Websites For Free Movies Download in Marathi

1. Mx player 

free movies download in marathi

Mx player is the best free video player platform on the internet. You can watch free movies and download them in Marathi. Mx player has content in over 11 languages.

All that for free, You don’t even have to register on their website. Mx player also has a popular app that lets you watch their content on your mobile phone.

Not only they have movies in many different languages. But also has a huge number of TV shows and short videos to stream.

You can even watch Live TV channels for free on their website. They have a separate page for new and old music videos. MX player is all in one free video and music app. 

2. Youtube

Free full movies

Youtube is the largest source of videos in the world. They have more video then all of the video streaming websites combined.

You’ll never run out of content to watch on their platform. Here you can also take advantage of their user-generated content model.

On youtube, anyone can publish their video. So when you search for your favorite movie there is a high chance someone has already uploaded that video.

Because there are over 2 billion youtube users. You can’t miss anything with that large amount of users. It’s fairly easy to search for your favorite Marathi movie. 

How to download Marathi movies using Youtube

1) Visit

2) Search for favorite movie

3) Copy the link of the video

4) Visit Savefromnet, And paste the link

5) Download the video in different qualities

3. Telegram

free movies download in marathi

Telegram could be a good way to download free movies in Marathi. Because this is the most popular app for sharing different types of movies and links.

Telegram is similar to WhatsApp. But here you are protected with the encryption of the app. Whatsapp also does have this feature, But telegram is considered much safer.

Like Whatsapp, Registering on the app is also simple and very fast. Just download the app from the playstore or app store.

After downloading the app, Open and enter your mobile number. Once, You have verified yourself with the app. Now, you can start using the application.

I’ll share with you how to get movies and tv shows directly in your inbox.

How to download Marathi movies on Telegram

1) Download and Install the Telegram App


2) Copy Paste any link from the above. And joined the channel. 

3) Once, You joined the channels you’ll start receiving links for new movies.

4) To search for any early movies, Click on the name of the channel. And go to the links section and click on the links button.

5) Here you’ll find all the movies posted earlier in the group. Just visit them and either download or stream them online. 

4. Snaptube 


Snaptube is a very popular app that lets you download and stream videos.

For piracy reasons, You’ll not find the app on the playstore or app store. So you have to visit their website. Here there is an option to download the app.

If you have Aptoide you can search the app of that too. For any reason, You face difficulties downloading the app, Just visit and download directly from there.

Snaptube is widely popular for publishing free movies that can be download in Marathi.

I’ll share with you how you can download any Marathi movies using Snaptube for free. 

How to download Free Full Marathi Movies with Snaptube

1) Download the app from their website or alternative means. 

2) Go to your mobile settings and enable unknown source installation. 

3) Look for the file in the download path, And install the application on your device.

4) Open the app, When you visit the home screen, It will look similar to the browser. 

5) You have to visit the video site section, Here you need to scroll down and choose Marathi movies.

6) After doing this you’ll have many links to click, Choose any website, and move on.

7) Now, You can enjoy a plethora of Marathi movie options and download them for free. 

5. Mxtube


Mxtube is an amazing website very simple and easy to use. Here the interface is very straightforward just search or browses through their categories.

For your convenience, I have added the links for all the Marathi movies in the above title. Mxtube is extremely fast and has little to know advertisement on their website.

If you are using an adblocker you’ll not even notice any flaw in their website. You don’t have to register or subscribe to their website for anything.

Not just movies, You can look for recipes, TV shows, and Music videos for free. Mxtube is a great platform for free movies to download in Marathi.

6. Hungama 


Hungama is a very popular media website. You would have seen many movies that they produce through their network.

They have an extensive catalog of Marathi movies to watch. Although they have paid subscription, That doesn’t cost you more than 100 rupees a month.

You can get by with this easily. Just search for ‘free Hungama Subscription on the web’.

Now you have to scan through the pages and look for different offers that are available to you. For example, You may have to register on some website to able to get the coupon codes for free Hungama subscription. 

7. Zee5


Zee5 is undoubtedly the best platform for free movies to download in Marathi. Because they themselves produce many shows and movies in the regional language.

And they have rights for the digital publication to themselves. So here you’ll find all the exclusive content from Zee5. Also, Zee5 comes with a subscription.

There is a way around to watch full Marathi movies for free. If you have a subscription to Airtel or Vodafone. Then you can easily get a free subscription for Zee5.

But if you don’t subscribe to this network operators. You can still find many cashback websites offering a free subscription; If you use their website for recharge or doing transactions. 

8. ErosNow

Eros Now

Eros now is quite a popular OTT platform outside of India. They reserved rights for popular Indian movies to stream them to foreign audiences and Indians living outside.

For this reason, They have accumulated a number of great movies from different Indian regions including Marathi.

So you’ll find free movies download in Marathi on eros now. You can also download movies to watch them offline when you are not connected to the internet.

Also, you have the option to explore their music streaming platform for free. 

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