Greyhound Movie Review And Film Summary (2020)

Greyhound movie review and film summary

Greyhound is a big-budget movie about the courage of Ernest Krause. The movie got its direction from Aaron Schneider, Who also gave direction to movies like The Get Low, and Two Soldiers.

Greyhound is an adaptation of the 1955 novel, The Good Shepherd. The movie got its Initial release on 10 July 2020. It was one of the first big-budget movies to get a digital release. If you want to watch the following movie, You need to have an Apple TV+ subscription.

First, The movie was all set to hit the theaters, But due to Covid-19, They forwarded the dates. But even after waiting for some time, They finally decided to sell distribution rights to Apple TV+. 

Greyhound Film Summary

Greyhound movie review and film summary

W.W.2 is raging throughout the whole world. After japan, Bombed the naval base in Pearl Harbor. The mighty united states, Jumped into the war. Germany is situated in the middle of Europe, And to go through this they must pass the Atlantic ocean.

The German navy was far superior than their counterparts, They have a highly sophisticated navy. And they were virtually dominating the whole Atlantic, Even while being miles away from home. Their main power came from the U-Boats, It is the first underground submarine.

U-Boats kept destroying the supply line in the UK and the USA. Because they were hidden inside the waters, U.S. Navy Commander Ernest Krause was assigned a mission, That would destroy the superiority of the Germans in the Atlantic ocean. Ernest’s responsibility was to lead the Allied convoy across the Atlantic, To the UK, And german-occupied France.

But the US navy was in constant fear of being pursued by U-Boats. It was Ernest’s first mission in war, He must safely cross the channel and complete his mission. But things went wrong, And Ernest is surrounded by German U-Boats. The Battle that Ernest will fight will be known as the most complex and longest battle in history. Ernest will be remembered as the hero of The Battle of Atlantic. 

Greyhound Film Review

Greyhound movie review and film summary

Tom Hanks is the American hero of War in movies. From Private Ryan, Band of Brothers to Captain Philips. His acting and direction skills have won many awards. But, Greyhound is not one of them. The movie seems absolutely great, But not Oscar-worthy. There is no way that the movie would receive an academy award.

The movie is an enemy of itself, Tom prides himself for making accurate movies, Private Ryan was one of the most ingenious war movie ever made. The realism and brotherhood of the movie, Won many Oscars. But for this one, It was about navigating through a sea. And avoiding enemies and even fighting them.

It is not like soldiers firing each other, Or Captain shouting motivation speeches. Greyhound is a technical movie to watch, If you are not a navy person, Most of the things and phrases will not be understandable. Christopher Nolan also plays hard with complex subjects like Inception, Interstellar, and Memento.

But, He knows exactly how to navigate the audience in the movie. His movies are filled with a lot of jargon, But he makes sure that you understand every bit of the concept. For that reason, His movies even being technical, Make it into the Oscars.

Greyhound has taken the same path; But failed to navigate the audience throughout the movie. The extravagant jargon about complex submarine and convey uses, Will leave many bored and make the movie less engaging. But, I will suggest watching the movie anyway, Because the cinematography and acting skills will take you back in time. 

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