Halala Review: Daily Soap Cum Web Series

Halala review

Halala is a Hindi web series, Produced under the banner of digital Ullu entertainment. The web series was released on 29 March 2019. The web series is based around the practice of Nikah Halala. It shows the struggle one has to go throw after getting a divorce in a barbaric way. Halala is a drama web series and has some really good cast. It is a revisit after the decision of the government to remove triple talaq law. And make it illegal for anyone to follow this medieval practice of divorce. 

Halala review

Halala Story

There are a lot of social issues that never get mainstream attention, One of them was the medieval practice of divorce. It was a law made for the 7th century but was going on in the 21st century. The story starts with a newly married couple, Who is very happy about their marriage. But as the story continues further we start seeing bitterness in the behavior of both of them. This goes for a couple of weeks. Until the rage was above the head. One very fine day our protagonist decides to divorce her wife. With Nikah Halala after getting into a heated argument. 

Halala review

Later that divorce, He realized that it was a rash decision. And wanted to cover up its bad deeds. Now that our man has divorced her, He actually can’t marry her again till a third person marry her and do divorce. Pretty messy right. Adding to this chaos, the other person who marries the woman, Wants to get her with physical intercourse. But as we all know, The marriage is done to bypass the medieval law, And the woman was not actually interested in marrying him. But the other man is a rigged person, And he wants to force her into bed, Like Marital Rape. 

The One Line Review –

An uncensored daily soap with bad acting performance and misogamist culture portrayal

Halala Review 

Halala web series was not at all made for audiences across all ages. It has a lot of scenes that will make you uncomfortable and you’ll feel the cringe from your screens. Eijaz Khan has done a good acting compare to the cast and budget of the web series. My flying point will go to the topic of the movie, Not the erotic part. But the idea of resisting a backward law. And fighting for the true meaning of freedom. Most music in the web series is genric and probably licensed for commercial use. I couldn’t point down a single worthy thing to appreciate from the production. 

Halala review

I felt that a lot of scenes have casually shown a lot of misogamist content. That is very objectifiable in today’s society. Acting performance from the supporting cast. Is similar to that of daily soaps. Surprisingly enough, There were many who enjoyed the content. And share it on Facebook. When I reflect back to this series, I understand that for many people such shows are mean to escape and get some entertainment for themselves. Overall, A web series that has many followers and does its job. If you have missed your daily soap you can enjoy an adult version of it with this web series.

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