Happy Hardy and Heer Movie Review

Happy Hardy and Heer movie review

Here is a short review of the upcoming movie, “Happy Hardy and Heer”.

Genre: Drama

Director: Raka.

Lead actors: Himesh Reshammiya and Sonia Mann.

Release Date: 31st January 2020

Happy Hardy and Heer Release date

Since his latest release as hero in Tera Suroor, music director turned actor’s Himesh Reshammiya’s new release is slated on 31st January 2020.

About the Movie Happy Hardy and Heer

Basically, it is a love triangle between two heroes and a heroine. But here the twist is that the heroes are played by a single actor. Yes, music director, singer and actor Himesh Reshammiya will be playing the dual roles of two heroes, Happy and Hardy. But another twist is that Happy and Heer ( female lead) are childhood friends, so one-sided love blossomed between them from Happy’s side. While Heer had considered him as her friend. Similarly, Heer loves Hardy again played by Himesh and it is a two-sided love affair. When Happy and Hardy meet each other, it is clear to them that they have to fight for getting their love.

Happy Hardy and Heer movie review

So here starts the journey of Happy and Hardy to woe Heer. And the crux of the story is who will Heer choose? Though being the best friend, Happy wants heer in his life as a life partner. And he challenges Hardy for getting married to Heer. So whether Heer will be choosing her best friend as a life partner or her love, remains the crux of the story.

Happy Hardy and Heer movie trailer

Most of the trailer has given the maximum storyline of the movie. Just there is an accident scene at the end of the trailer and some emotional turmoil. So, these indicate that the twist remains at the end of the movie.

Cast of movie Happy Hardy and Heer

As we know Himesh Reshammiya’s skill of acting as well as singing, this time he will be donning dual roles. So presenting Himesh Reshammiya in the roles of Happy and Hardy, the two male protagonists. Along with him, the female lead is played by Sonia Mann. So in this love triangle, Himesh is present in two corners of the triangle as Happy and Hardy. While Sonia Mann in the third corner of triangle.

Happy Hardy and Heer movie review

Nothing new in the storyline. As it is a very old storyline of friends zone turned to one-sided lover and another couple in love crossing paths to achieve their love. Even though the story is old, the ending of the movie related to the choice of life partner still intrigues the audience. So I think the audience will be most interested to watch the end and not the entire movie. Also, the audience can expect some funny moments during the challenge period of the friend and lover to woe their love.

Happy Hardy and Heer Movie Verdict

It is a one-time watch movie. Mostly not much expected from this movie expect some nice songs. So let’s hope for the best and wishing the team good luck for their opening in the box office.

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