HD Marathi Movies Free Download Avi

HD Marathi Movies Free Download Avi

It’s hard to find HD Marathi movies free download avi. Because lots of popular websites only have Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

But in this article, I have shared with you some of the best websites and direct links to watch the most popular HD Marathi movies.

Marathi is one of the oldest forms of cinema in India. For that reason, It has produced some of the best movies.

All the websites and movies, I have shared with you are free to download and doesn’t need any registration.

Also, you have different options to download movies in different quality and sizes. 

Best websites for HD Marathi movies free download avi 

1. Yomovies


I have recommended this website for many genre movies. Let it be Hollywood, Tollywood, or Even Marathi Movies.

Because this is the most modern and clean website for movie downloading. You’ll find all the popular Marathi movies in HD and AVI quality.

On the website, You can also directly stream without downloading any app.  They have systematically arranged different types of movie categories in a very organized manner.

You won’t face any difficulty in finding your favorite movie on this website.

There is also very minimal advertisement on this website, So you’ll enjoy movies not get annoyed by ads. 

2) MX player

Mx Player

MXPlayer is one of the most popular free sources for downloading and streaming Marathi movies.

You can enjoy hd Marathi movies free download avi without any problem. The website also has its own original shows.

So you’ll never run out of things to watch. Not just originals, They also buy streaming rights of different Movies and Web Series to put them on their website.

You can also download their App from Playstore and Appstore. MX player has its own servers, And they are able to provide you fast download and streaming without buffering. You’ll find all the movies on this website. 

3. Flimywap

HD Marathi Movies Free Download Avi

Flimywap is the norm for downloading any Marathi movie. They are synonyms for a website for downloading any regional movies.

Here, You’ll not only find Hollywood movies in Hindi. But also foreign movies dubbed in regional languages like Marathi.

They are extremely swift in updating broken links from their website. When you visit their website you’ll never leave empty hands.

That’s the great part about Flimywap. It is also one of the most popular websites for downloading Hindi movies.

They are the first one to upload videos of new release movies. Because they record the movie from directly from the first-day show. 

List of Best HD Marathi Movies Free Download Avi 

1. Sairat

HD Marathi Movies Free Download Avi

Sairat is a very popular Marathi movie that has won awards. The Story was fresh so Bollywood made its own remake Dhadak.

Sairat is a story about two teenage students. That fall in love with each other. But due to the caste differences, they are not able to be together.

For this reason, They decide to run away from their family and start a new life. But doing so is not easy and will lead to many difficulties.

Akash Thosar and Rinku Rajguru are playing the lead in the movie. Sairat has done very well commercial breaking into 100 crore club. 

Download Movie 

2. Natsamrat


Natsamrat is one of the best Marathi movies to watch. It has an IMDb rating of 9.1.

Natsamrat is a story about an Old couple, Who divides their property into two parts for their children.

But when their old age arrives, Both children look the other way. The old couple becomes homeless and without any property.

You can easily watch the movie on many platforms or download the movie from the below link.

Natsamarat is available in HD and AVI quality. Watching this movie will give a glimpse of Marathi movie making from the core. 

Download Movie 

3. Thackeray 

HD Marathi Movies Free Download Avi

Thackeray is a biography of a popular Marathi politician. He was one of the most influential men in Maharashtra.

And also was responsible for starting the Shiv Sena party. Along with being a politician, he was also a painter and cartoonist.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui played the role of Bal Thackeray. And was very well suited for this rule.

You can also watch the movie in multiple quality HD and AVI for free. Many people have said the movie is merely propaganda.

Because they have shown the character as flawless. But it is up to you to decide whether it was propaganda or genuine movie. 

Download Movie 

4. Prawaas


Prawaas is a popular Marathi movie. It has an IMDb rating of 8.3. Prawaas is a story about an old man. He is facing a kidney failure problem.

And he needs to have kidney dialysis every two times a week. Her wife keeps good moral support to her husband.

But still, he is always in thought about his diseases. He also has a family living in America, Who constantly checks with their parents.

Apart, From his disease, he is also a very stressed man.

But he changes; When he sees people have less privilege able to live a happy life. He continues to a very different journey. 

Download Movie 

5. Fatteshikast


Fatteshikast is a Marathi movie that got its release in 2019. The movie has over 9.0 ratings on IMDb.

The story revolves around the atrocities that Shaista Khan lashes on the people of Pune. To put an end to this misery of people.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj planned an attack on Shaista Khan. This is one of the most popular stories in the Marathi folks.

Digpal Lanjekar has put the imagination of people on the big screen. Now they can enjoy the whole scenario in HD and with way more details.

Ankit Mohan is a popular Marathi actor that has played the role of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. You can start watching this movie from the below link. 

Download Movie 

6. Balak Palak

HD Marathi Movies Free Download Avi

Balak Palak is a Marathi movie about sex education. The movie receives its direction from Ravi Jadhav.

He is also popular for producing movies like Natrang and Balgandharva. The story revolves around the life of teenage boys.

They have no ideas about sex education. The story in its core is about exploring the life of different teenagers, And how they deal with the following subject.

The movie is not widely popular because it was not released on the scale. Due to being too very informative about sexual subjects.

But people have watched the movie on the internet. And people do find the movie very interesting.

You can get this, And many other hd Marathi movies free download avi on the below link. 

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7. Hirkani


Hirkani is a Marathi movie that got its release on 24 October 2019.  It’s a story about a milkmaid.

In the 17th century Maharashtra, When on an unfortunate day. Doors of a Fort get closed at the nightfall.

One of the maids gets locked inside the fort. She needs to get back to the village; Because her infant baby is alone.

With no choice in her hand. She decides to get down from the mountainous fort by herself. In the darkness, she starts climbing downwards toward her village.

So she can feed her baby. Hirkani is an excellent movie to watch. 

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