Hollywood Movies Based or Filmed in India

Hollywood Movies Based or Filmed in India

List of Hollywood movies based or filmed in India. Bollywood is famous throughout the known world, From middle-east to the south and east Asia.

And even in countries, That does not watch these movies, People around the world find their way into exotic Indian Bollywood dances.

Hollywood has been portraying much on their own country movies, From the wild west to South Louisiana, U.S has inspired many movies in the reality genre.

Hollywood has produced some great movies, In which they have filmed the movie in India. No green screen or Artificial sets. Let’s explore this list of best Hollywood movies based or filmed in India. 

List of Hollywood Movies Based or Filmed in India

1. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is a story of intertwined hysteria. Seven British tourists find their way into Jaipur, India. And decides to stay in a declining hotel.

All the seven tourists and the hotel host have something to say from the past, And something to achieve in the future.

The British tourist stories overlap the host past and present of hustle for controlling his life. The movie got its direction from John Madden.

And he has done a fabulous job in portraying India and especially Jaipur. It’s a brilliant watch to know about traveling and exploring. 

2. The Bourne Supremacy

hollywood movies based or filmed in india

The Bourne Supremacy is a story about an ex CIA shooter. He falsely accused of a crime to theft millions of dollars from the CIA.

It was a wrong accusation, Put on my some Russian agent. The same person also wants to assassinate Jason Bourne.

The whole movie is about him, Dodging assignations, and finding the real reason behind the funny behavior by the CIA.

Jason Bourne is living in India, Particularly Goa. While he is being chased down for his false crime. He must find the true person conspiring him. 

3. The Darjeeling Limited

The Darjeeling Limited

The Darjeeling Limited is a Comedy/Drama from Wes Anderson. The story revolves around the life of three brothers, After the death of the father all the brothers decide to take some action.

In that effort, They decide to visit India for a spiritual journey. After boarding The Darjeeling Limited, They start to have different experiences in the journey.

This makes them think about their decision to find lost souls in a faraway land. The movie is a great watch and light-hearted one, Defenifelty recommendable for this list of Hollywood movies based or filmed in India. 

4. Eat Pray Love 

hollywood movies based or filmed in india

Eat Pray Love was an epic book, It was an instant hit and international bestseller. Ryan Murphy has brought this unique and fresh story on the big screen.

It’s a story about a woman named Elizabeth and her life. After her perfect life was destroyed for some reason, She decided to find the real reason for the cause.

Elizabeth took a journey towards east, And find herself in India. Here, She finds her true self; And starts a remarkable journey of self-exploration of oneself. 

5. Jobs


Jobs, as the name suggests, is a biography of the renowned entrepreneur steve jobs. The film explores his journey from chaos to self-discovery.

Starting a billion-dollar company inside his garage, And than finding himself in a country and with godmen. The movie explores his college life and his love for perfection in his work.

Jobs got its direction from Joshua Michael Stern. It is a must-watch for people inspiring to create great work, The shooting of his India journey was taken place inside India only. 

6. Octopussy


Don’t we all love James bond, He is the reason many stereotypes about India poped in the 90s.

It’s a story about the old-school spy thriller, James’ head onto a journey to stop this world from total annihilation.

The story revolves around him trying to stop a nuclear attack on NATO, And also prevent the world from another world war.

To achieve his mission, Bond must secure a peace deal with Octopussy. Not just that, He also has to win over the circle of people planning this attack. 

7. Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog Millionaire is a weird choice for this list; Because the movie has given a no-no signal for any tourist planning India trip.

The movie is far more exaggerated and focuses completely on the negative side of the city. It’s a story about a teenage boy, He finds himself from the slums of Mumbai, To a nation-wide popular show for winning millions.

The movie has received oscar and rated highly by the critics. A good movie, But far too exaggerated. 

8. A Mighty Heart 

A Mighty Heart

A Mighty Heart is documentary/type flim, About the infamous assassination of the WSJ journalist. Danny Pearl an American Jewish journalist, Wants to know about the terrorist Omar Saeed.

To achieve his goal, He finds himself in the streets of Pakistan. With some network and intelligence, he manages to get an interview with Omar.

But when he finally meets the person, He uses him for the political gain. After resisting certain orders, Omar decided to behead Danny, He made the infamous video holding his head, And send it to random emails. 

9. The Namesake 

The Namesake 

The Namesake is a movie about an Indian Bengali family. They decide to move into the American dream, But only to experience the utter cultural shock.

The son finds himself, Caught in the two worlds from Indian and the USA. He must integrate his life in the new world and learn about their culture.

It’s a good watch, The movie was shot both in USA and India. The Namesake got its direction from Mira Nair.

10. Tenet 

hollywood movies based or filmed in india

Tenet is not yet released on a large scale in many countries. Though the reviews have started to come, From special screening in different parts of the world.

The movie is shot in multiple countries, And India is one of them. People are much excited about this movie; Because the film is shot completely on camera, Little to no CGI has been used in the movie.

Even the crashing of the airbus plan was done without CGI. A high budget movie from a renowned director, Christopher Nolan.

A must-watch for a fresh and unique story. tenet is a great fit for this list of Hollywood movies based or filmed in India.

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