House Arrest Web-series Review, Star Cast, Trailer and Verdict

House Arrest poster

Here is a quick review of the web-series original by Netflix, “House Arrest”.

Genre: Rom-Com

Director: Samit Basu, Shashanka Ghosh

Lead actors: Ali Fazal, Shriya Pilgaonkar, Jim Sarbh, Barkha Singh.

Release Date: 15th November 2019

Ratings: 2.5 out of 5 stars

House Arrest Release date

This Netflix original web series was released on 15th November 2019.


Basically, it starts with the trials of the protagonist played by Ali Fazal to stay in complete seclusion. Which he is trying to do by staying in his apartment in delhi which is well furnished and accomplished with all facilities. But his motive of getting seclusion from the outer world is hindered by the entry of his neighbors Pinky and his bodyguard behaving suspiciously. Also, there is his friend whose role is played by Jim Sarbh who always disturbs him in odd times. And then there is the entry of the female protagonist played by Shriya Pilgaonkar. As she introduced herself as a journalist working on the influence of hikikomori on Indians, she is trying to use Ali as the story. So the story is trying to find the reason for the protagonist’s seclusion and also to find if he succeeded or not in availing seclusion from the world.

House Arrest web-series trailer

It is difficult to understand the story from the trailer. Even we cannot make head or tail of the concept from the trailer. But the one thing which can be known from the trailer is that the reason for seclusion idea of the protagonist is not that serious, it will be as simple as a pin.

House Arrest web-series review

It is very difficult to stay till the end of this movie as you may get tired of the twists it is giving. Also, the main focus of the story that was the reason for Karan’s choice of seclusion has not been informed until the end. So, the audience may lose the thread of the crux of the story. From somewhere, the romance came in the story with the entry of Shriya. It looked like all the characters are playing or doing some work but why they are doing is not known. Also, the combined motive of their portrayal and reason behind their actions cannot be understood perfectly. So, it lacks with screenplay and slow narration.

Casts of House Arrest

So the role of the protagonist character Karan is portrayed by Ali Fazal. Along with there is Shriya Pilgaonkar as Saira, the journalist. Also, there is his best friend J.D. played by Jim Sarbh and neighbor Pinky which is played by Barkha Singh. Along with these actors, there are also Badrul Islam as Kidnapper, Sunil Kumar as a bodyguard of Pinky, Kalpana Jha as Maid. The other disturbing characters in Karan’s seclusion mission are watchman played Shailender Varma and Mahender Singh Bisht as courier boy.

main leads of house arrestcasts of house arrest


A romantic comedy genre film but somewhere the story got stretched due to lengthy screenplay and the main mission got forgotten. Also, the focus on the reason for getting secluded by teenagers has not been researched more in this series. If the directors would have focused on the reason for taking this decision, this movie could have been far better. As now it is taking half of the movie to understand what is the actual story of the movie and the remaining half to know why we chose to see this movie.

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