Curious to know-how movies have changed through a century.

The beginning of Movies can’t be pinned down to an exact date. But many filmmakers agree that “Lumière brothers” was one of the first official and commercial movies. The movie was first screened in Paris in the year 1895. There is nothing that there were no movies existed before ‘ but Lumière brothers’ was one of its first kind. Which offers good quality and clear visuals without interruption. This smooth movie made a super-success around the globe. But this was just the beginning. Do you know the early movies were only a minute long? Think about the months you have to wait before you could just see a minute-long clip and that too without sound. Sounds Awful! But a surprising fact is that even kings and monarchs can’t enjoy the luxury of watching this movie instantly. They have to also wait for a certain period before the film gets mature and become watchable. Sounds confusing, Yes It Is. To capture even a 10-second clip it could take filmmaker even one week.  It took filmmaker two decades to reach a full-length one-hour film in 1906.


The Magic of VFX


VFX or Special effects were one of the biggest reasons for commercial movie success. Because this was something that was not possible in theater plays. No one was aware that you can create fictional effects from some camera tricks. After a few decades of masterpiece content. The theater industry was feeling threatened for its existence. They have made so much effort to retain their audiences. But the magic of VFX was driving everyone to cinema halls. Do you know 3D movies were available in 1952? Even after so many technical advancements, the cinema industry was feeling insecure about their future. Yes, televisions were getting popular in the 1950s and they were an effective alternative for the cinema industry. Till the time of the 1960s cinema halls falls to the place of theater plays and television took over as one of the best methods to access movies.

Science Fiction

Credit To MGM

From the success of fantasy movies Like The Wizard Of Oz in 1939. The technology advancement happened rapidly. Now, The time-were-gone when you rely on camera tricks for VFX. Because a device called a computer was going to change everything.  Now you are free to create any fictional creature, the element you want. Even if it does not exist in the world and completely pops from your mind. This allowing of creative elements in the movie without the restriction gave us a new genre Science Fiction. 

I’m back said cinema


With so much competition from television.  The industry was struggling immensely and was unable to regain the influence which once laid claim for in the early 1950s. The United Kingdom lost over one million cinema audiences in just one week. 

Since then, A lot of the above figures were multiple and threatened even the existence of the cinema industry. As everyone saw the future, Filmmakers from around the globe form an alliance. America becomes the head of it, And will later become the king of movies with Hollywood. 

Internationally the concern for existence was eating up the producers and media corporation. They decided to fund millions and millions into producing some of the best movies of our age. The biggest beneficiary of all this was America because directors and actors from around the globe saw The land of opportunity as last hope for breathing space. 

Yes, they were saved after many millions poured into the movie industry. America produced some of the best movies which were so good from television that you can’t resist yourself from going to the cinema. 


In the last two decades, movie production and been greatly influenced by digital means and technology. As movies are still being shot on cameras. A great portion of it has been transferred to computers for editing and creating special effects. The need for actual ground filming is diminishing and digital technology has been increasing. A recent example of its would-be The Lion King. The movie made over a billion-dollar. And was generated completely on computer visuals. 

Now the cinema which was once dependent on a thousand reels for a 10-second clip. Today it’s able to produce the whole universe in a motion picture. Without stepping outside the studio. Our cinema has become more sophisticated and will continue to do so in the future. 

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