How to become an actor in India, your success path to Bollywood

how to become an actor in bollywood

The following are the basic things which you must know to become a good actor in Bollywood. Today’s youth is more excited to act in the Indian film industry. Some tips to become an actor in India are here.

Steps to become an actor in India

  1. Learn the Art of Acting :

This is the first step you must follow if you want a successful career in the Bollywood film industry. You can learn Art of Acting & take a professional degree from the following institutes:

basic things which you need to become a good actor

  1. Film and Television Institute of India (FTII): Since 1960 Pune government runs this institution. It offers a two-year post-graduate diploma in acting. The admission is done through a competitive written examination followed by an interview.
  2. The National School of Drama (NSD):  This institute was started in 1959 in Delhi. It is run by the Delhi government and offers a three-year course in the dramatic arts. To get enrolled here the applicant must have acted in at least six plays and should be able to furnish three recommendations from theatre experts
  3. Whistling Woods International (WWI): Prominent Filmmaker Subhash Ghai is the founder of this CILECT-affiliated film school. It offers a three-year degree course and a two-year advanced diploma in acting since it’s inception in 2006.
  4. Actor Prepares: Famous film star Anupam Kher established this Mumbai-based acting school in 2005. It provides a three-month full-time diploma course, one-month part-time certificate course, acting workshops, and more.
  5. Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting Lab: One of the FTII alumni started it in 1983. It offers an 18-week certificate course and year-round refresher courses.

Bollywood Film Industry Recruiters

After the completion of your course, the following recruiters may hire you according to their needs and help you in your goal to become an actor in India.

  • Aamir Khan Productions
  • Balaji Telefilms
  • Dharma Productions
  • Eros International
  • Gemini Studios – Chennai
  • Mukta Arts
  • PVR Pictures
  • Rajshri Productions – Mumbai
  • Reliance Big Entertainment
  • K. Films
  • Trimurti Films
  • T-Series
  • UTV Motion Pictures
  • Viacom 18 Motion Pictures
  • Vishesh Films
  • Yash Raj Films

To be a successful Bollywood actor, you must know good Acting, a little dancing and also you must have a good body and definitely a good face unless you are exceptionally talented.

2. Learn the Art of Dance:

become an actor by learning the art of dance

You can learn to dance from the Shiamak Davar Dance Academy. It’s one of the most famous Bollywood dance studios in India that can help you in your path to becoming an actor in India. If you decide to take classes from here, you will get more chance of acting. Link to Shiamak Website

3. Eat healthy foods:

Eating Healthy food is the key to become a successful actor in Bollywood

By having healthy food choices you can Balance your body weight and also maintain a healthy body. Acting may be your passion. To become an actor, we must keep our body fit. So maintain a healthy diet and also hydrate yourself by drinking plenty of water. Try to add fruits and nuts to your meal.

4. Work out daily:

Working out daily is essential for Bollywood actors

There are many types of physical activities, including Swimming, Running, Jogging, Walking, and Dancing, etc. You can try any exercise to build your body. If your body is fit, there will be more chances you can be an actor. Make sure you get enough sleep. Meditation is a better key for relaxation.

 5. Auditioning for Bollywood Roles

Auditioning for Bollywood Roles

    • Try to attend more auditions.
    • Become a brand of yourselves on social media like Facebook, Instagram by posting videos of dancing or acting.
    • Try to act in a small drama or serials.
    • To get a chance in Bollywood, you must attend casting calls for films, often in Mumbai, India.
    • Search in a newspaper or online for the casting call announcements of new films. When it appears apply and attend it.

Apart from the steps mentioned above, the following points must also be noted to be successful in Bollywood.

  • Attend casting calls for parts that fit your skills. Your auditions’ experiences will help you escape from the stage fright of facing the camera.
  • “Don’t worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try”. These are the words of Jack Canfield. So you must always have this thought all the time to boost your confidence level.
  • You should focus on your dreams and follow all the available paths to achieve your goals.
  • You must have a good plan and also show off your maximum talent at auditions.
  • Impress the casting director well with your skill, If successful you will be in the Indian film industry tomorrow.

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