How To Become An Actor With No Experience in Bollywood

how to become an actor with no experience in bollywood

Learn how to become an actor with no experience in Bollywood. In this article, We’ll explore the many methods you can use to break into Bollywood.

I’ll share with you a step-by-step guide that you can reference for your career. Becoming an Actor is a vague term, You need to be explicit about your acting goals.

For example, Do you want to do a lead, Or just do a movie. It’s necessary to know beforehand.

Because there are millions of other people, Aspirational to do the exact same role. If you want to become a big movie star, You need to start small.

And give yourself time to accumulate the skills and Network needed to land any kind of movie. 

A lot of people especially the young ones, Make decisions not on the ability but the reward and glamour.

If you are not serious about getting into the acting industry, You’ll never make it. Because there are soo many people who put their heart and soul into their acting career.

If you are really serious about this acting passion. Then this ‘how to become an actor with no experience in Bollywood‘ guide will help you greatly.

Remember you can only achieve success as an outsider with Hardwork and Dedication. 

how to become an actor with no experience in Bollywood

1) Social Media

 how to become an actor with no experience in bollywood

If I would be writing this article, a Few years ago, I would not even mention it. But Today, When social media influencers are driving more followers than movie stars.

It’s virtually impossible to ignore the sheer size of the audience on this platform. An actor does not need a big theater screen to showcase his talent.

Game of Thrones is one of the great examples. Many people gain their popularity from this show, Not from their movies.

Tiktok has produced many artists, That gain millions of followers across their social media handles.

These social media influencers got offers to be in the music videos. And some of them also get offers to work in movies. 

2) Acting Classes

 how to become an actor with no experience in bollywood

This one is still as important today as it was two decades ago. Here, Not only you learn the essence of acting.

But also many other aspects of being an acting professional. Such as Managing contracts, Networking, Communication Skills, Public Relations, and many more essential skills.

Actor Prepares‘ is an acting class in Mumbai, Run by professional actor Anupum Kher. You can enroll in this course, And get an acting diploma from the institute.

There are many acting classes in Mumbai, You can choose any one of your choices.

Just make sure that you are not only getting the certification But also Networks (People Contacts) in the film industry. 

3) Reality-TV / Serials 

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Reality TV or Serials are a great way of gaining instant popularity. They are relatively easy to break into.

And gives you immense experience as an actor. Big Boss winners from past, Landed many movies to their pocket.

The amount of popularity can also land you brand deals, Even before doing any movies.

Serials are also easy to break into, But you need to understand that the struggle would be hard.

Many actors have to wait years; Before they get a movie. And that also does not magically happen, All those years they keep networking with other people, Actively participating in Auditions and other events.

During your time in serials, You should focus entirely to give yourself exposure through all means. 

4) Commercials


We live in a digital world. You don’t have to be a movie star to land a commercial. Today, Advertisements are vastly different than a few years ago.

The amount of time people spent on their television has reduced. And their digital consumption has increased significantly.

Advertisers need attention, And today the attention is on digital. So you can start looking for jobs for ‘commercials’ online.

You might not even have to look a lot; Because digital ad space has an immense gig opportunity for acting professionals.

You can find a job opportunity in many online groups or social media page. You can also look for an ad agency near you, And just tell them you are available to work. Send them your portfolio. 

5) Modeling

Modeling is not for everyone. But many producers put emphasis on hiring models. Because they already have some experience behind the camera.

If you want to put yourself in front of key decision-makers in the movie, You should create your modeling profile.

Today you don’t need to create a physical catalog of your photos. Just make sure that your Instagram is brushed up and all your images are of high quality.

Also, add your contact details, Such as email or website. Doing so will ensure that you don’t miss any opportunity.

You can also be proactive and share your details with the person responsible for hirings. Just DM them and ask about if they have any role. 

6) Participate in Auditions

Auditions Movie

Auditions give you experience in Bollywood. You might think about how? When you do auditions you are creating an experience.

Because the clips recorded at the time, Will help you gain jobs afterward. In many cases, even when you are not selected for a certain role, They might still keep you as reference for further collaborations.

You can look for a digital casting agency and share your details with them. Anytime they are having an audition that requires a person of your ability.

They will contact you for the Auditions. And after many of your attempts, You might land an acting role in the movie industry. 

7) Looks, Matter a Lot

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When you are on the run for auditions from one corner to another. You sometimes miss your grooming and looks.

But this is something you need to avoid. People involved in the acting industry have to always equip themselves with makeup and grooming products.

Maintaining a certain look can also be super expensive, In cities like Mumbai. You need to constantly keep yourself up with your parlor and beautician.

It’s a race to keep yourself camera-ready all day long. If that seems intimidating than you should reconsider your idea of becoming a movie star.

Because you can’t survive without painting yourself for camera rolls. 

8) Good Physique 

good physique

Not only looks, but Your Physique should also be top-notch. This means resisting certain foods, and dietary habits.

Maintaining a lean Physique is very hard and also expensive. You would be relying heavily on vegan food.

And avoid heavy proteins, That might trigger acne or pimples. This all translates to a diet without eggs and meat.

If this is something you can do, Then you could maintain a picture-perfect Physique. I hope you enjoy, this how to become an actor with no experience in Bollywood guide. 

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