How To Get Views On Youtube Videos

How to get views on youtube videos

How to get views on youtube videos, A simple guide. Youtube is one of the most popular social media in the entire world. And the most popular video search engine.

2020 Youtube has as much opportunity, As a corporate media house. If you want to learn, The ways to increase your video views, Then stick with this article and I’ll share with you a checklist for youtube success.

Getting lost in the millions of videos on youtube is quite easy, But getting found is not astronomically hard as well. You just need to have your basic in place, And some smart strategies for getting recommended to new users. 

A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Get Views On Youtube Videos

1. Description Matter

How To Get Views On Youtube Videos

The Youtube algorithm works in a funny way. You’ll see videos with no or random description gain millions of views, And those with proper description buried beside thousands of videos.

You might even think does description even matter, Or youtube is just managed by some old-drunk men. Description Matter, And you’ll notice that a lot of time when you upload videos.

Those viral videos that get millions of views, Does not happen automatically. It could be a reason if someone has shared that video on their social media.

And through that, a number of people have visited the video and engage with the channel. This tells youtube that the video is trending, And It starts showing this in people’s recommendations. 

2. Smart Tags

How To Get Views On Youtube Videos

Tags are important to match you with other youtube videos. For example, You post videos about cake and want your video to be shown in the recommendation section of people watching cake videos.

Then you must use SMART tags. Remember, Also add your Channel Name, and Niche in all of your video tags. For example, Channel Name – DesignLearner and Default tags – Design.

This way all your videos with similar tags will be showing in the recommend section of youtube. You can drive traffic from one video to another with the following technique. Tags should always be prioritized before publishing videos. 

3. Multiple Keywords

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While researching about the video content, You should also make your goals to find multiple keywords.

This is also called as LSI keywords. Basically, These are keywords that are closely related to your main keyword, But not exactly the game. For example, Your main keyword – Pubg Hacks and Trick, Your LSI keyword would be New Pubg Update, Free Hacks Pubg.

You can just search your main keyword on google; And scroll through the bottom of the page. Here, You’ll see all the related keywords that you can use in your video. Alternately, You can use tools like Google Keyword Planner, and Social Blade. 

4. Good Thumbnail 


Thumbnail could break or make your goal of getting views on youtube videos. Because; No matter how much effort you have put in creating the video.

If the user does not click on the video all effort is vain. You can use tools such as Photoshop, Picsart, and other free and paid photo editors to create thumbnails.

Make sure to evaluate the thumbnail from the user’s point of view, Ask questions, why would someone click on this video? Avoid Clickbait, I know it may sound a good idea. But in the long term, This will not gain true youtube views.  

5. Captions Are Not Obsolete


Captions seem quite boring and even obsolete for some YouTubers. But they are a useful tool to get views on youtube videos.

If you make videos in English; And want audience from Mexico, Then you can hire a translator, And he can change your English script to Spanish. Your videos will gain a huge number of audience, Of course, your video should provide useful information.

A great example of this is, Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell, The channel has captions for almost all major languages. And the average views for his videos go up to 10 million. A huge portion of the audience, watch videos in different languages with the help of captions.  

6. Google Trends

Google Trends

Google Trends is a very powerful tool. If you utilize this for your benefit, You can get views on youtube videos. Basically, The google trend shows you what’s trending on the internet.

If you have a keyword in your mind, Go the google trend website and paste the keyword, Look if the topic is trendy to not. Also, don’t lose on the long term traffic the keyword could bring to your video.

Don’t be reactive and focus on your own keywords, But proactively take trendy topics and turn them around your niche. For example, How to create cakes in the COVID-19 pandemic. You title should not have to make much sense, Just a little to get users’ attention.

7. Collaboration Helps

How To Get Views On Youtube Videos

Collaboration is an excellent way to exchange common viewers among YouTubers. It’s simple, You approach other YouTubers around the same or more followers, And ask them to promote you.

You have to return the favor and promote them in your own videos. If any video from both YouTubers goes viral, You’ll both be benefited from the growth.

It’s quite common to collaborate with other YouTubers. You just have to send a friendly email or DM them on their social media handle. I’m sure you’ll receive a positive response from other fellow YouTubers. If you do this then you’ll get good views on youtube videos.

8. Annotation and Cards


If you are publishing videos, And not using the Annotation and Cards features, You are missing onto a lot.

You have to plan how much annotation and cards you’ll use in the coming videos. Properly strategies videos, Have the ability to put annotation and cards in the correct place.

For example, You have created a video about How to Install a certain app, And in that video, you could mention “I have created a similar video about another app you can check that from the card option”. Using this will give the ability to hook your viewers on your channel. 

10. Don’t Miss The End Screen

How To Get Views On Youtube Videos

End Screen is one of the most important methods to get views on youtube videos. When a user watches your video to the end, They have already bought into your channel and interested to watch more videos.

And when you add another video at the end screen, They will probably watch the video or at least save it in the watch later playlist.

If you are not using the End Screen you are missing onto free views. Because people that are uninterested in your video, Leave your videos in the middle of it; And don’t wait till the end.

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