How To Increase Followers On Instagram Without Any App

how to increase followers on instagram without any app

Learn, how to increase followers on Instagram without any app. Instagram is the second most popular social media after Facebook.

Although, Instagram got purchased by Facebook. Both social media websites work on a completely different algorithm.

If you want to increase followers on Instagram, It would be very different from other social media strategies.

In this article, I’ll share with you step-by-step methods to gain Instagram followers without any app.

Instagram has over a billion active users on its platform. That’s 1/7 of the whole world population.

The vast nature and complex algorithm make new users grow very hard on this platform.

But there are some strategies that work always, You can use these strategies and Increase your Instagram followers without any app.

There are also many websites and app, That claims to increase your likes, followers without doing anything.

But most of them are fake and do not comply with their promises. And some of those that actually work have high-security risks.

Most of the time these websites will ask for your Instagram credentials, And they use them to follow and like other users like you.

In this whole game, These companies take private paid orders of likes, followers, and complete them with your account.

You might not even be aware that you have ‘liked’ certain photos. And than they have your login details, I don’t know how comfortable you’ll feel if someone has your social media login details. 

Step-by-Step Guide To Increase Followers On Instagram Without Any App

1. Follow Others

How To Increase Followers On Instagram Without Any App

It could be really discouraging to have little to no followers. If you are on this stage don’t worry, Everyone starts with zero.

I would highly suggest starting following random users on Instagram. Just search a popular creator on Instagram, Go to their follower’s lists, And keep hitting the follow button.

There is a high chance that they will follow you back. This strategy is temporary, You don’t want random people following you and not engaging with your content.

This method is like a little push; When you start seeing followers in double digits. You’ll feel motivated to post more content on your page.

And eventually, this will help you to gain Instagram followers without any app. 

2. Hashtag

Instagram followers without any app

A hashtag is like the backbone of the digital age. Postcard of the digital age, One called them on twitter.

Leverage hashtags and gain great organic followers. You don’t have to copy other hashtags or use random ones.

You should properly strategies which keywords you should use. For example, If you post a photo of chocolate cake.

You can use hashtags like #chocolate #cake #desert #sweetdesert and others. When people are exploring these hashtags, They will see your photos in their feed.

Never miss onto hashtags, They are like your Instagram address, Targeted users are able to gain access to your account through your hashtags.  

3. Reels

Increase followers on Instagram

Tiktok success brought a new revolution to short-video apps. Today, Everyone is replicating the idea behind the success of TikTok.

If we look back on the real reason for TikTok being so famous, It’s not videos and creators. It was the ease of use.

People don’t like to waste energy constantly looking for new content. Tiktok provided them with an endless cycle of new videos.

They don’t have to do anything, But to swipe their finger. Instagram took its lessons, And they have also expanded the Instagram features with the very new reels.

It’s unsure if they will launch a separate app, But yes, This is a feature that you should not miss. Reels will help you build massive Instagram followers without any app. 

4. Stories, IG TV, etc.


If you are not living in 2014, You should also not use Instagram for just photos. Today, If you are not constantly, Posting different types of content like IG videos, Stories.

You are missing a lot of audiences. You don’t have to go a buy an expensive camera to make some IG videos.

Even you don’t need to record any videos. You can create short informational and animated videos within Instagram or using third-party apps.

They are super-easy to learn and will help you in creating dynamic content. If you are posting awsome Stories, IG videos, and Photos. I’m pretty sure you’ll Increase your followers on Instagram. 

5. Ask for Collaborations

Increase followers on Instagram

Collaborations are a great way to increase followers on Instagram. Here you don’t have to do very much.

Just asks pages around your niche to share your Instagram ID, You have to do the same for them.

This way the audience, Already interested in a particular niche able to enjoy good content from multiple pages.

As a new page, you may need a little more convincing to other pages. But once, The followers start coming in, You can easily ask other big pages as well.

Some might offer you to advertise your page, For a certain amount. If you like the page you can do that too. 

6. Consistency is key 

Increase followers on Instagram

Consistency is key, I know it sounds kind of corny. But in the case of this robotic algorithms, it’s true.

Look, No one is sitting in the Instagram office using different content and promoting or demoting any of it.

It’s all the coding and automatic machine evaluating zillions of content published on this platform.

And they only promote those pages, That actively publish different types of content of their page.

If you post a photo on the new year eve; And checking back your page on Christmas. There is a high chance the algorithm will bury your page somewhere deep inside millions of accounts, That your audience will never able to find you.

Keep in mind, If you want to increase followers on Instagram. Post Regularly. Make a schedule, Like a social media calendar, Plan your upcoming content ahead of the week. 

7. Focus on Engagement


This article is about ‘how to increase followers on Instagram without any app’. But I want to summarize this article with a slightly different thought.

It doesn’t matter how many followers you have, What matters is if they engage with your content.

For example, there are many pages with millions of followers, And their likes do not reach even in thousands.

Most followers are either fake or inactive. Celebrities buy such followers to increase their prices for sponsor deals.

But for you, these followers are worthless. If you have 200 followers on Instagram, And your are receiving likes on your photos of over 100.

You have a more than 50% engagement ratio. Many people will do whatever they can, To achieve that percentage of engagement.

So focus more on content, Not followers. If you post good content, You’ll receive good engagement; And free organic promotion from the algorithm. 

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