how to increase watch time on Youtube

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Youtube is one of the most popular video search engines after Google. It is one of the best platforms to publish and grow as a video creator. If you have chosen the following for your career. Then there is a lot of scope in this area. If you are new to the youtube field; And want to learn about how to increase watch time on youtube and grow your channel. Then this article will help you greatly. I’ve also shared with you how much watch time required for youtube monetization. And how to increase your chances to establish a well know youtube channel. 

how to increase watch time on Youtube

how to increase watch time on Youtube


1) Good Quality is Vital

Before you work on external factors such as SEO. You need to work on your video itself. 2020 has many opportunities, But there is an insane amount of competition. If you want to grow as well established Youtube channel. Then from the very beginning, your channel should be of very good quality. From video to sound everything should be top-notch. Anything less then that is not acceptable in today’s time. 

2) Use Hook

A hook is one of the best methods to hold your audience for a long time. If you are facing a high bounce rate ( People leaving the video too early), Then you should probably use a Hook. The concept is nothing but an idea to tell your audience about some reward or information that they will find inside you video. The trick is you need to tell them that early in the video before 30-seconds. This way they will wait for that reward or information. 

3) Make use of Playlist

Making a Playlist is one of the best ways to increase watch time on youtube. Because this way you introduce rhythm to your viewers. They will keep clicking the next video; Because all those videos either have some similarities or they are part of a larger subject. A good example of this would be Travel Vlogs. You can list you videos in numerical form to make it easier to navigate. 

4) Make Your Video Predictable

As I said earlier, Youtube is full of competition. And if you are not predictable then you won’t be going to improve your youtube ranking. You should create a schedule on which dates you’ll publish videos. For example once a week on Friday. This way your audience knows when to expect new content from you. If you are unpredictable and publish whenever you please then you may face less engagement. 

how much watch time required for youtube monetization

If you have started a youtube channel and want to know when you can expect some cheques from youtube. Then you need to be a little patience. Because since 2018, Youtube has made its monetization very strict. Due to the misuse and exploitation of the platform by some people. Youtube has since introduced new norms in order to be eligible for the Youtube monetization program.

* Your video should have a watch time of 4000 hours

* You should gain at least 1000 subscribers on your youtube channel before you apply for their monetization program.

Achieving the following is not hard at all. If you follow the above tips for how to increase watch time on youtube and keep posting consistently then you will achieve the following in no time. 

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