How to unblock website using VPN

How to unblock website using VPN

What is VPN 

A VPN stands for virtual private network its essential task is to create a network which is private from the public internet. VPN gives you anonymity and privacy to receive and send data securely without any interruption of the third party. Virtual Private Network makes you virtually invisible on the internet by hiding your IP Address (Internet Protocol). VPN also makes your data transmission encrypted that means your data has great privacy and security. Additionally, It also safer than a private network like WIFI hotspot. Decrypting VPN data is very hard and tracing it is virtually impossible. VPN is being widely used across many devices and region.   

Why sites get blocked

There can be multiple reasons for blocking a website. Let discuss the main reason in which websites are being blocked. 

Government Reason: The internet is free and for all. But there is an additional layer of censorship from the government or institution controlling the network. They can decide which website should be blocked and censor from the public. To do this behavior the government can have multiple reasons. Defending their national values, Fear of public opinion and information which they think are threatening them in any way. Here are some examples of government intervention on the internet. 

  • China censoring western websites like Youtube and Google. 
  • The government of Saudi Arabia is a theocratic state which blocks any news and articles criticizing the royal family. This includes the Wikipedia page and the news portal. 
  • Adult websites in India and Thailand. 

Institutional Restriction: These restrictions can vary from places to places. School’s website may only give access to a few educational websites and block another website. A lot of workplaces also restrict many websites which might interrupt their productivity. 

Region Restrictions: This is a simple restriction on the basis of your region or country. These are done due to multiple reasons. One such reason is to narrow down the amount of traffic on a particular website or restricts content to an area. Here is some example of region restriction. 

  • Netflix: There are multiple movies and documentaries on Netflix that are not available outside the United States. Due to copyright and content distribution parameters by the actual owner. HBO has similar restrictions.  

What is Geo-Blocking


Geo-blocking is a technology that restricts someone to access a certain website from a particular region or country. This geo-restriction can specifically block a certain city or even pin code. This is all possible with the (GPS) global positioning network. 

Whenever you connect your device with a network or internet it creates an address that speaks and communicates your information. With the website server. Like, it can ask for your location and if you have enabled the GPS on your device then it can define whether or not let you access the website. Netflix is a great example of geo-restriction.

How does VPN unblock the website

We have learned about how geo-blocking works. Let take an example and understand How does VPN unblock the website. A VPN what essentially does is that it creates a virtual tunnel with different credential like fake Location and communicate with the server of the website. It is an intermediate between your real information and virtual information to bypass certain criteria from the website server. Like location or device model. 

So when you enable a virtual private network it travels through a virtual tunnel server which is located in the country where you want to access the website. Once you connected to the server your all information is passed through the tunnel. This eliminates any chance to monitor your behavior from the third party. Your IP (Internet Protocol) becomes anonymize in the process and gets access to any website which is restricted or blocked. 

How to unblock website using VPN

VPN is the best option to bypass all the above restrictions and surf the internet stress-free. For this tutorial, I’ll suggest you use TunnelBear which is a freemium software owned by McAfee. Tunnelbear VPN helps you to bypass any restriction post from the local network or regional blockage like geo-blocking. Using a VPN is not only good for your private data but also helps you fight internet censorship. Encrypting your data is the need for any internet users. You can’t rely on your basic internet protection from your device. That is why we bring you an easy method to unblock the website using Vpn in just six steps

  1. Visit TunnelBear VPN. Sign up with their website and choose the plan of your choice. TunnelBear only uses their own servers. 
  2. Download and Install the TunnelBear VPN. the software on your devices. 
  3. Launch the VPN. Choose the location of your preferred server. TunnelBear has there serves across the globe.
  4. Then click on the connect button. That will remove any restrictions from the internet. 
  5. Now you can see and monitor your data usage. And make changes from the setting. 
  6. Enjoy your open and unrestricted internet. Visit any website on the internet without any restrictions. 

Best Free VPN 

1. TunnelBear

TunnelBear is my absolute favorite. I’m personally using TunnelBear for the last two years and never faced any issue. Their services are very premium and the support team is also very helpful. The software design and animation is something of very attractive. TunnelBear is the number one choice for the best free VPN. The software is owned by McAfee which is itself a very trusted name in security and privacy. TunnelBear offers free and premium subscriptions. In the free plan, there is a restriction of only 500MB. But it’s great if you are looking for a quick way to get around a restriction. 

2. Speedify


Speedify is also a very popular free VPN provider. They have very speedy services in-terms of the internet connection being speedy while secure from an extra layer of security. Their performance as a VPN provider is appreciable and very fast. They can also use multiple internet connections like 4g and Broadband to combine them for speedy internet connection. They offer the same service to free users as they do to premium users. The only catch here is that their free plan is restricted for only 5GB data. It is great if you are planning a short trip to a location where website restriction is high Like china. 

3. ProtonVPN 

protonVPN-Unblock Website-picturefoil

ProtonVPN is my third best choice for a VPN. They have paid and free both options for their plans. The biggest advantage of ProtonVPN is that they don’t restrict your bandwidth. That means you are free to use as much data you want. But definitely, there will some differences between the premium and free accounts. There is some limitation to free accounts like Slow speed comparable to premium. In-order to encourage you to purchase their premium account. Furthermore, You can only use one device with a free account. There free and paid both plans are very good and highly appreciable.

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