How to upgrade your Netflix plan for free

How to upgrade your Netflix plan for free

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services in the world. They offer some of the best catalogs of movies and Tv shows. Netflix has been doing great with their original’s, That is only available on their platform. And if you want to enjoy those amazing shows in the HD quality on your TV. Then you need to have a premium subscription. And for your surprise, Netflix is offering a free upgrade for 30 days to its new users. Stick with this article, And I’ll share with you How to upgrade your Netflix plan for free. 

How to upgrade your Netflix plan for free

Netflix has different plans for different countries. And to be eligible for this promo you need to have some basic criteria. I’ll share with you what is needed to get this free Netflix upgrade. 

* Your account should be new and payment information also not be used earlier. (Using a New Debit/Credit Card)

Note: Virtual cards do not work with Netflix. It used to work earlier, But now it doesn’t. 

* Either your plan should be the 499 Basic or 649 Standard plan. If you choose the mobile plan, Then this offer is not eligible for you. 

* If you choose the basic 499 plan then you’ll get the 649 Standard plan for 30 days. If you choose the 649 Standard plan you’ll get the 799 Premium plan for 30 days.  

How to upgrade your Netflix plan for free

1. Visit the official Netflix Website. 

2. Enter your new email address (Not used on Netflix), And choose on select plans.

3. Here you’ll see four plans ‘Mobile’ ‘Basic’ ‘Standard’ ‘Premium’; You’ll get a 30days free upgrade for only ‘Basic’ ‘Standard’. So choose accordingly for your needs.

Step 4: Once you choose one of the plans, A pop-up will appear and tell you that you have got a free upgrade from Netflix for 30 days. 

How to upgrade Netflix subscription for existing members 

If you are not a new member. And do not have dozens of debit card laying around yourself. And still wants to upgrade you subscription. Then definitely you can but you need to pay for the subscription. If you are not comfortable spending that much amount on digital subscription. You can share the price with your friends. If you choose the premium plan then 4 people can simultaneously use the streaming service. That’s an amazing deal. The cost for a single screen can be cut down to just 200 rs. Here is a simple guide to upgrade your existing Netflix subscription. 

1.  Visit the Netflix account page by visiting this link.  

2. Here you’ll find the option of Plan Details, Select the Change Plan option. 

3. After you are on the change Plan option, Here you’ll see all the plans for you to either upgrade or downgrade. Choose your favorite plan. 

4. Now after you change the plan, You need to confirm the subscription. 

5. After you change the plan you’ll see the immediate improvement in your account. And the deduction of the same plan will be visible in your next billing cycle. 

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