How to use Paytm movie voucher – Fully explained

how to use paytm movie voucher

If you are looking to learn how to use Paytm movie voucher. Then I’ll teach you very easily in just four steps. Paytm is a very popular digital wallet among Indian users. It has been very popularised due to its offers and cashback to its users. 

Paytm offering such incentives is more than cash burn and it comes with different policies and terms and conditions. I would like you to thoroughly read the terms & conditions of their offers as they are subject to many if and buts. 

How to use Paytm movie voucher

1) To use your movie voucher in Paytm you have to visit their website or download their app from play store or app store.

2) Then you need to click on book movie tickets, Where you need to select the seats and movie you are going to watch. In there, You’ll find an option called promo code in there you need to enter your movie voucher code. 

3) After you enter the movie promo code and click on apply. you’ll see a reduction in the final amount of your movie tickets. The reduction is depended on the amount of your voucher and terms&condition.

4) If the movie voucher is a cashback offer than the amount will be credited to your Paytm wallet within 24 hours of the successful transaction. 

Terms & Conditions

1) You can only avail of the offers only once from your account. The offer will be only valid for single accounts.

2) There is a maximum amount of cashback which you can get through Paytm. check details on the voucher for further information.

3) If your promo code is not working you can also try different Paytm offers like ‘MOVIE50″ to avail up to 50% cashback on movie ticket worth Rs.150.

4) The amount of cashback is stagnant and won’t increase if you buy more tickets from one account. 

Example  – If you bought a ticket worth 200 and there is 50% cashback then you’ll receive  100 rupees. 

If you bought a ticket worth 300 and there is 50% cashback then you’ll receive 150 rupees. 

If you bought a ticket worth 400 and there is 50% cashback then you’ll receive 150 rupees. 

It will not increase once you have reached the maximum amount of cashback allocated to one single Paytm account.

4) You can’t avail of this offer on theaters or cinema which only accepts token to book tickets. Generally, you have to buy tickets from the cinema counter.

5) You also have to remember the expiry date of your coupon voucher. If the code is expired then you’ll not receive any incentives from Paytm. 

6) Certain Paytm accounts can be prohibited for some offers. As Paytm many times create personalized promo code for their users on the basis of their history.

7) The promo code is sometimes only valid if you book a minimum of two tickets.

8) The Promo code can be only used once and it won’t be vailed for your next booking. If you only enter the promo code and didn’t apply still it won’t work in the future.

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