How to watch movies in telegram

how to watch movies in telegram

Telegram is often seen as an alternative to WhatsApp. But there are many aspects where telegram outperform WhatsApp like in movies. Yes, Stay with me and I’ll teach you exactly how to watch movies in telegram.

So mainly, there are two ways to download or watch movies on telegram. They are called groups and channels. Groups are exactly like WhatsApp where you join a group through invitation link or directly getting add through admin and receive messages including movie name and website links. 

Then there are channels that are like WhatsApp broadcast. Here you can’t identify the admin number and its impossible to find the channel admin credentials as telegram also use end to end encryption just like WhatsApp. 

List of best channels to watch movies in telegram

You can directly search the best Movie channels in the telegram through the below reference name. After choosing your favorite telegram channel you have to tap on the Join Channel button. Next, it will add you to the telegram channel. 

I have listed some of the best movie telegram channels which are very easy to join. These channels constantly post a new list of movies in Hollywood and Bollywood.  

To join the telegram channels it’s very easy you just have to search the channel and click on the join button and you’ll get redirected to telegram. After that, You’ll start receiving the new and latest movie list.

1) iMovie Share channel

It’s a very popular channel to receive the latest Hollywood movies and tv series. The movies are mostly in English as the majority of their members are from all over the globe.

It has over 50 thousand members.

2) Indian Moviez

The Indian Moviez as the name suggests its a popular channel in India. It has a variety of movies like Bollywood and Tollywood. They also share links with Hollywood movies that are dubbed in Hindi. It’s a must join a group if you like Indian movies. 

It has over 60 thousand members.

3) Malayalam movies

It’s very popular among Malayalam movie lovers, Here you’ll receive HD and the latest Malayalam movie on the channel. They often also update you with Hollywood movies dubbed in Malayalam. 

It has over 40 thousand members

4) Telegram movies

The telegram movies is an English movie channel. Also, they update their links constantly and also they organize movies in chronological order. They often provide easy direct links that are hosted on very fast servers this helps if you have a slow connection. 

It has over 20 thousand members.

6) Yify Movies

It’s an official telegram channel of YTS movies. They mostly provide movies in the super high quality they even have 8k videos. It’s one of the best channel to watch movies in telegram.

It has 25 thousand members.

7) Cinema Company

It’s a very different telegram channel here you’ll receive documentaries from all over the world in multiple languages. Along with Tv series and different short films.

It has over 20 thousand members.

8) Movies now channel

The movies now channel is very popular for providing high definition Hollywood movies and tv series like breaking bad, house of card, etc.  It’s mostly an English oriented channel and focuses on popular and highly rated shows. 

It has over 18 thousand members. 

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