How to watch Ramayan online

How to watch Ramayan online

Ramayan is an Indian television show that was broadcast in the year 1987. It is a part of a Mythological series. It was telecast on DD national. The show was created, written, and directed by Ramanand Sagar. The show is about the ancient Hindu Mythology. About the victory over evil. The show was one of the popular in the Indian television industry.  And at times gained over 82 percent market share on the Indian television. If you want to enjoy this epic show online, Then stick with the article and I’ll share with you How to watch Ramayan online.

A bit about Ramayan

Hanuman and Ram

Ramayan is a story about a king. That goes into exile after his father commands him to do so. Ram goes into the jungle for 14 years, With his brother Lakshaman and Her wifi Sita. But after some time of them livin’ theirs. Sita gets abducted by Ravan. That with manipulation kidnaps her and takes her to his island in Lanka. Now Ram sets onto a journey to recover Sita from the Ravan. And also destroy the evil presence of him Doing so will bring virtuous to this world and his kingdom. If the story excites you then you should definitely want to know How to watch Ramayan online. 

Ramayan telecast again after Covid-19

Ram and Lakshman

The epic series was retelecasted again after the Covid-19 pandemic. Once the whole country was in the lockdown. The people took onto Twitter to demand to again run the popular Hindu epic Ramayan. After many requests, the DD national channel decided that they will telecast the show on the television. And after the show was televised it become one of the most popular shows on television again. It broke many TRP record and gain a serious popularity. For that reason, many people are looking to watch the show online. From their mobile phone or computers. 

How to watch Ramayan online


1. NewsOnAir App

After massive requests to the show makers. For making the show online. They finally decided to launch the series on their app. If you want to watch the Ramayan on the internet. You need to download their app and watch the show from there. You can either scan the below image from you mobile phone. The only thing you need is a QR scanner. And It will automatically take you to the Playstore. Also, you can simply visit the App Store or Play Store a just make a simple search for the following app: NewsOnAir App. Once, You download the app; Now you can watch all the episodes easily from this application. 

2. Youtube 

Youtube is one of the best platforms to find any Tv show or videos on the internet. It is a democratic app so if anyone wants to contribute to it’s millions of video catalog. They can easily do so with just a few clicks. For that reason, May individuals have shared the Ramayan all episodes on Youtube itself. And if you want to watch you can do so by searching on the search bar. But you need to do that; Because here is the link of all the episodes in the playlist that you can start watching now. 

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