How to watch Shri Krishna online

How to watch Shri Krishna online

Shri Krishna is an Indian television show. About the Mythology story of god. The first broadcast of the show was in the year 1993. The story is about How Krishna came into this human world to help people to achieve salvation. The reason for his appearance was, That the evil in this world has reached a limit. And now god needs to make everything in balance. The show was particularly very popular because it was one of it’s kind at the time of the release. If you also want to know How to watch Shri Krishna online. Then stick with this article, I’ll share with you the following.

A bit about the show

Online Shri Krishna

Shri Krishna became one of the best Tv shows of its time. Because the actors from the show were not all from the movie. But many of them were theater actors. There were some who have been doing different mythology plays for many years. And their acting comes naturally when they performed for this show. If there is anything missing from this show, It would be only the reach. But now that many millions have the connection of the internet, We are seeing a revivalism of old shows. It’s very easy to find the show online, And I’have shares multiple ways to How to watch Shri Krishna online. 

How to watch Shri Krishna online


1. Dharmic TV 

Dharmic TV is a one-time destination for all your religious shows. It has a catalog of old and popular religious shows on their website. From Ramayan to Shri Krishna. You can start watching them instantly by visiting their website. And it’s absolutely free to watch. If you just want to watch the Shri Krishna show online, Then your hunt is over. And even in the future to decide to watch other mythological shows. Even then you are all set and can watch them from the website itself. All the shows are in High Definition and stored in numerical form.  

2. Youtube 

Youtube is undoubtedly one of the best websites for finding any type of shows. As it is a platform where any individuals can upload their video. You may find all types of videos on this website. The only thing here is you just need to search for the video on Youtube. To watch Shri Krishna online on Youtube. You don’t need to do a lot. Just make a simple search for Shri Krishna Episode 1, And from there all episodes will start popping in your recommend section. But you don’t need to do so that either. I have shared with you the following if you want to find any other shows. You can just visit this Playlist links and start watching. 

3. Shri Krishna App

If you are on a mobile phone. And don’t want to do through different processes. Then you simply download the Shri Krishna App from the playstore. Here you’ll find all the episodes in numerical order. So you can easily watch-stop-come back again. This is by far the easiest method for watching the Shri Krishna online.

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