Joker Review: Unpredictable and brutal truth in life of a Joker

Joker Movie Review

Here is the review of the Hollywood movie “Joker”

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Director: Todd Philips

Lead Star cast: Joaquin Phoenix

Release Date: 4th October 2019 in the US

Joker movie trailer:

The trailer shows the difficulties faced by a Joker in Gotham city during 1981. Due to the rise in unemployment, the citizens of Gotham City were highly irritated. Their irritation reached to the point where they hated happiness spread by Joker. Due to continuous abuses from the audiences and psychological disorder inherited by the protagonist, the stand-up comedian Arthur Fleck turned to the cold-blooded murderer.

Joker movie storyline:

As shown from the trailer, the movie shows the journey of Arthur Fleck from a stand-up comedian to a psychotic murderer. Deprived of happiness from childhood, Fleck got trained to become a Joker for earning by his mother. But the society of Gotham city had no place for Jokers. Also having a disorder of laughing at any place created more problems for Fleck. Due to his disorder and job of Joker, he was abused by nobility and commoners. During one of those abusive encounters, Fleck kills two persons for his defense and the third person was killed in cold blood.

Joker poster

From then, he started to become aggressive towards the person who mistreated him. His aggressiveness compelled him to murder the accused. But this leads him to become a villain in front of the nobility as well as the audience. One of the truths of his personal life leads to the complete destruction of the nobility. And that incident leads him to be a permanent patient in the psychiatric ward of a general hospital.

Joker lead actors:

Joaquin Phoenix marveled in his portrayal of Joker. As an ace actor, he donned the character of a victim transformed into culprit personality. The circumstances compelled the Joker to turn abusive. The protagonist got an appreciation for his portrayal of psychotic Joker. The supporting star cast of this movie hosts Robert de Niro, Zazie Beetz, Frances Conroy and Bret Cullen in pivotal roles.

Here, Robert de Niro portrayed the character of Phoenix’s ex-colleague. While the role of Fleck’s mother was donned by Frances Conroy. Also, Bret Cullen played the role of Thomas Wyne, a nobility against Joker and also his illegitimate father. Arthur also had a delusional one-sided affair with the character of Sophie played by Zazie Beetz.


The shooting started in September 2018 with the ensemble of supporting cast of Joker. The whole movie was shot in Jersey City and Newark Avenue.

Final Verdict:

The movie garnered appreciation from critics as well as the audience. Being one of its kind, this psycho-thriller impresses the audience. The movie succeeded in hooking the audience until its end. Overall I would rate the movie a 4.5 out of 5 stars. The success of the movie in the box office goes to its cast and crew of this movie. Even Phoenix got a much-deserved appraisal for his portrayal onscreen. His performance attracted the audience to watch this 122 minutes long movie.

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