Khul Ja Sim Sim: Ullu Web Series – Low Budget But Fulfill its Purpose

Khul Ja Sim Sim

Khul Ja Sim Sim is a web series produced by Vrockdaddy Entertainment, Under their digital Ullu entertainment banner. The series got its release on 17 January 2020. It is a Hindi-language comedy web series made for the purpose to reach tier 3 internet subscriptions. The twisting title of the web series does not reflect the context of the content. You’ll have a quarter of space to go around and guess the plot. And yes, there are no prizes for guessing the writing plots. Ullu entertainment has been producing similar web series that has met with an overwhelming response from the semi-urban consumers. 

Khul Ja Sim Sim Story

Khul Ja Sim Sim shares a story of many neighborhoods that do not reach the big movie screenings. And at many times stays in the camera roll of the director. But with the rise of streaming platforms, such stories do reach a wide spectrum of audiences. The story revolves around a bit taboo subject for the Indian audience. Mariage satisfaction, The term refers to all aspects of a relationship including the bedtime of the couple. And this one is special Because the bedtime is not at all satisfactory for the newly married couple. The web series takes some real turn that will make you wonder, What the hell is going on. 

Khul Ja Sim Sim Review

After she realized that an important aspect of the marriage, Satisfaction. Was not able to be produced by her husband. She looks the other way for her needs. The relationship of the couple gets funny to bitter in just a few days. Her husband is not able to satisfy the wants of her in bed. And she gets attracted by a local gangster, Who satisfactorily shares a bed with her. It is an adult web series, So it has quite a lot of erotic scenes. As the web series transition further her lust grew at the same pace. Within a few weeks, she was in a relationship with her husband’s brother and four other random men.

Why It Was Made

Before we jump into the review, Let’s first analyze the need of the web series. Khul Ja Sim Sim is a subtle version of The L Word. But without fancy cameras and production. The web series targets the audience in tier 3 and 2 cities, Who are willing to pay subscriptions but not 800 rupees a month. Here Ullu comes into the frame, The subscription of the website is 144 rupees for a full one year. Surprisingly low compare to its counterpart, ALTBalaji. 

Khul Ja Sim Sim

The One Line Review

Poor writing, But it doesn’t matter many came for the cinematography. A series that couldn’t be made a full-fledged adult film and was settled for a comedy web series.

Khul Ja Sim Sim Review

Khul Ja Sim Sim has been a real treat to many individuals, But certainly not for me. Nikhita Chopra the lead actress in the web series, Has done some really good job. Her husband has also pulled some good acting that is not over-exaggerated. The cast of the web series is a flying point for me. The accent and dialogues were actually pretty good. Music seems quite flawed and was not even properly synchronized with the different scenes. Writers were not at all interested in creating stories, But the web series seem a sexual fallacy of the writer. 

The topic of dissatisfaction at the bed, Is an actual good topic. But the implementation was not good at all. If the director would have added a bit more sense to the story, It may actually come up as a really good web series. Made in China has a similar story but with a different context. Overall, It is an average adult web series, And I’m sure it was not made for the purpose of getting national awards. So if you have that extra time laying around, You can watch the web series on their website

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