Lost in Space Season 2 Release date and Trailer

Danger, Will Robinson! Lost in Space Season will release on Netflix on Dec. 24.

Lost in Space Season2

“Lost in Space” was a web series telecasted on 13th April 2018 in the Netflix web entertainment portal. Lost in Space Season 2 is a sci-fi web series whose first season premiered 10 episodes on Netflix. It depicts the journey of a genius family of Robinsons. The Robinsons’ are all science freaks. Hence, they got selected in the process of colonizing the Alpha Centauri using a Resolute space ship. So they vent into the journey of finding a habitable planet in the Alpha Centauri system.

Summary of Season 1:

During their journey, some extraterrestrial forces attacked Resolute. So then the Resolute is forced to land in some unknown location. After that, the struggle to survive in the wrath of the aliens in that location started for the Robinsons’ family. Among all the difficulties, one thing happened to them. They met with a synthetic alien, Robot. Robot saved them from other aliens and dangers along with another character, Dr.Smith. While Robot is a friendly positive character, the character of Dr.Smith is uncertain. So Robot became the knight in shining armor for the Robinsons’ family in their dark phase. The Robot boarded them in Jupiter 2. Consequently, Jupiter 2 tends to board Resolute but something else happened.

Lost In Space Season 2 Release Date

Lost in Space Season 2:

Season 1 ended with 10 episodes. It showed that Robinson’s family along with Dr.Smith aboard the Jupiter 2. Lastly, an alien engine had entered the Jupiter 2 making it fly to another galaxy. Thus, the engine landed the Jupiter 2 in an ocean planet. While landing, the family saw a design. They have seen the same design in the hands of their friend Robot. The design indicated danger.
Lost in Space Season 2 is starting with the mission of Robinson’s family’s younger son to find their friend Robot on the ocean planet.  In this search, they have Dr.Smith and Don West with them. But the intentions of Dr.Smith and Don West are uncertain.

The Robinson family believes in the presence of Robots on the ocean planet. Thus, they start the mission of finding Robots. Along with the mission of finding Robots, they also need to save themselves from the danger lurking over them. So, viewers will experience more adventure in Season 2.

The trailer of Lost in Space Season 2:

The much-awaited trailer of season 2 of this show was released on October 5, 2019. The trailer shows the characters of Will Robinson, who is one of the sons of John Robinson, Maureen Robinson-mother of Will Robinson, Dr.Smith and Don West. Don West will play a negative character while the character of Dr.Smith is not certain yet. The trailer clearly indicates the belief of Robinsons’ family to get success in finding their friend on the lost planet. The trailer also promises the trials and tribulations to be faced by the Robinsons family in the search of their friend and to find a route to reach safely to Alpha Centauri.

Lost in Space Release date:

Previously season 2 of Lost in Space was planned to release after one month of the end of season 1. But it got postponed due to some reasons so the shooting of this season had started from September 2018 to the staring of this year that is January 2019. The shooting was done in Iceland. It is planned to release on 24th December 2019. The production house is Legendary Television. It will be telecasted on Netflix as a Netflix original series.

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