Netflix Vs Amazon Prime: Which one to chose?

Netflix Vs Amazon Prime

Are you having difficulty in choosing Netflix Vs Amazon Prime? We have solved your concern. Read on further to decide whether you should buy Netflix or Amazon Prime streaming subscription.

With the entry of OTT platforms, general TV connections have got a major set back. So the entry of Netflix OTT platform paved the way for web series and originals. But along with time, its competitor also gained space in this platform. With competitors like Hotstar, Zee5, VOOT, Amazon Prime, Jio Prime, Airtel Tv in the tow, Netflix has the top hand. In these OTT portals, Jio prime and Airtel TV mostly have their own cellular customers as a complimentary pack. But Amazon and Netflix need to get subscribers for their living.

So the things which the customers need to ponder before selecting between these two OTT platforms are a comparison of their cost, video quality, range of database and accessibility.

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Hence, We have clubbed Netflix Vs Amazon Prime differences in the following segments:

  • Subscription Cost
  • Video Quality
  • Movies Database Library
  • Accessibility¬†

Netflix Vs Amazon Prime, Checkout the best differences

War of cost:

As both Amazon prime and Netflix are subscription-based OTT platforms for streaming movies, web series offline/online, so the customers need to pay for watching. As in Netflix, there are three modes of customers like basic, standard and premier. Along with the increase in subscription fees, the account accessing in a number of devices can also be increased in Netflix. But in Amazon Prime, the annual fare is fixed and we can set a maximum of three devices with this subscription. As such the basic package of Netflix is equal to the annual package of Amazon Prime. So according to the cost-wise selection, the customer should prefer Amazon Prime over Netflix.

War of Video Quality:

In Netflix, the quality of video streaming will be kept default according to the package selection. While for amazon prime, in all packages the video quality will be the highest one in their cellular network. So, the customer will be preferring Amazon Prime over Netflix based on better video quality options.

War of database library:

Since, its entry in the OTT platform, Netflix had one of the largest databases of movies both Hollywood and Bollywood. But it may not be the same for the coming years. As a greater number of OTT platforms are on the rise, the license for most of the movies is getting to other platforms. So, there are chances of a decrease in the Netflix database. Similarly, the database of Amazon prime is mostly consisting of old movies. Thus, in the battle of the database, Netflix has the upper hand. So, if any customer wants to see recent movies of different natures, genres then Netflix is the best option compared to Amazon.

Preference-based on accessibility:

As it is known that Netflix can be accessed in the only limited OS while Amazon prime can be accessed in all OS including chrome.

So as a whole, both Netflix and Amazon have their own advantages and disadvantages. In this war of the maximum number of subscriptions, both have their own customers. With Amazon Prime, customers will be getting add on services on their other purchases. As this facility is not available on Netflix, most of the customers thrive for Amazon prime. But the customers who want to see recent movies and with no financial constraints, then they will opt for Netflix for sure.

Thus, as a whole, I would recommend Amazon prime with respect to budget and Netflix in case of movies database to the customers. I hope we have solved your Netflix Vs Amazon Prime concern.