Nidhhi Agerwal Hot Dance Video in iSmart Shankar

Nidhhi Agerwal Hot Dance Video in Ismart Shankar

Nidhhi Agerwal is back again with a bomb. If you haven’t heard about this song, You are probably living under a cave. But now that your hibernation is over. Let me introduce you to Nidhhi Agerwal Hot Dance Video in iSmart Shankar. She has given her best performance in the song. If there is anything left after her performance is her photoshoot. She has been constantly updating her social media from new photos. So if you have not to skim through Nidhhi’s Instagram, Then I’ll share with you her bold and hot images. Not just images but she has also shared her dance videos. Stick with this article, And I’ll share both of them.

Nidhhi Agerwal hot in ismart shankar

Nidhhi Agerwal Hot Dance Video in Ismart Shankar

Nidhhi Agerwal is one of the finest actresses in India. She has worked in the movie iSmart Shankar. And her role in the movie has made a big impact on the audience’s attention. The movie got its release on 18 July 2019. But it has gained a massive surge of attention after it was uploaded on Youtube, In February. The movie has received over 100 million views in just a matter of months. And that trend is not going to stop. After the movie got real attention from the audience on youtube. Many people loved the songs and expressions of actress Nidhhi Agerwal. 

nidhhi agerwal hot in ismart shankar

Nidhhi is playing the role of Sarah. She is in the lead role of the movie. Her performance in the movie is absolutely great. But Nidhhi Agerwal Hot Dance Video in iSmart Shankar is just out of this universe. Bringing in glamour and talent she is a multitalented actress. iSmart Shankar is a typical story about a murder mystery. But the unique thing about the movie is Humour. They have smartly chosen great actors that not only manage to pull good serious acting but also made us laugh when the scenes get too intense. 

Nidhhi agerwal dance video

Nidhhi is one of the most active actresses in all of India. Thanks to her fitness she looks amazing when she comes to the dance floor. I’ve shared with you the compilation of her amazing hot dance videos. That you can watch and gain inspiration from. I know many people love Nidhhi to be her fitness role model. And why won’t they? She has worked for hours to gain and maintain the fitness that she now claims. Here are some of her best videos to gain positive inspiration and start your own fitness journey.

She is one of the most favorite actresses in both Bollywood and Tollywood. Because of this, her reach is certainly very high. And for that reason, she also shares her fitness photos on her Instagram to make others motivate. I’m also sharing some of those images with you. So you can be motivated too.

  1. Stress-Busting Workout Nidhhi has shared a video of her training for a new movie.

Nidhhi Agrewal Workout

2. The Green Morning

Nidhhi has shared her video of doing heavy weight on her social media.

Workout Video

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