Once Upon A Time in Hollywood Review: A Wrecked Nostalgia

Once Upon A Time in Hollywood Review

Once Upon A Time in Hollywood is Quentin Tarantino another creation. The movie is purposely based to portray the vintage Hollywood. Quentin’s direction has brought you a Hollywood before it becomes a global phenomenon. The movie got its Initial release on 24 July 2019. And has made a little buzz on the box office. It may not come as a surprise that the movie didn’t perform well on the economical side. Because Quentin has own way of directing movies, He doesn’t allow script that is far from his raw imaginations. Whether its Pulp Fiction or Django Unchained, He only focuses on the wild ideas. 

Once Upon A Time in Hollywood Story 

Once Upon A Time in Hollywood shares a great story with little details. It’s a story about an actor and his stuntman. From the very beginning, we see a chronicle behavior of Cliff and the mindless stupidity of Rick. The movie tries to make us choose the hero or at least try to push a certain character to get liked. Rick, Who is a big Actor. And have performed in the 1950s popular television show. He is now facing difficulty in his life. Rick constantly compares himself with others. And he is unable to find any meaningful work in the industry. 

Rick spent most of his days drinking and creating a mess around. With his stuntman and long time friend cliff. But he wants things to change. And he trying his luck for a lot of movies. Cliff has his own mess to take care of, From strangling with hippies to keep his dog happy. Rick’s next-door neighbor is a filmmaker and he can change rick career. This is his story to recapture the glory that he one’s laid claim for in the 1960s. Even though the movie is fictional, Quentin has tried to make everything look like a historic event. 

Movie Review

Once Upon A Time in Hollywood is a wrecked nostalgia. Even though you have read the title earlier only, I’ll emphasis again on it. Because if you see the movie its not created from writing but invented, Because of opportunity. “Hollywood being so famous doesn’t have a great movie about its history”. That’s a shame. So Quentin decided to take things into his own hands. The real story about failing actor and struggle of his stunt double was just backdrop. It’s all about Hollywood and how actors are dumb; When they are at their peak of success. 

If I have to evaluate a simple review of the movie; I’ll always come down to one thing, Great Cinematography. Even though I did not like the movie story, Because It was like a cartoon script. Because everything just happens, No details nothing just things happening magically. Far from reality, the movie is based on fiction. So those errors can be forgotten. But how could you not improve on the climax? I was waiting for it all the way from the start of the movie. And then what I got was a cheap quality show ending. I couldn’t believe they decided on such a bad script. But I still enjoy the movie. Because of those two great actors. And I can recommend you for a one-time watch. 

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