Operation Cobra Review: Jab, Jab, Jab, Bad Acting

Operation Cobra Review

Operation Cobra is an Indian web series produced by eros now. It was aired on 15 February 2019. The web series has been shot in the united kingdom. At the original location. Eros now is trying to make its space in the digital world. There is already a ton of movies, That the media company holds rights for.  And makes a creamy commission from its international subscribers. But with this web series, They are trying to create their presence in their home country. Operation Cobra is a story about a terrorist attack, That needed to be stopped. But not any terrorist attacks, But a nuclear one. 

Operation Cobra

Operation Cobra Story

Operation Cobra is a story about stopping a terrorist organization from seizing a ‘Nuclear Secret’. As the web series unveils, We are being introduced by ‘terrorist outfits’ operating in the UK and Pakistan. These radical groups envy every country that they see against their ideology. And they are willing to harm them just for that reason. Because there believes does not correlate with others. But their vicious plan has been tapped by the Indian intelligence. The Indian government assigns an RAW officer, To stop this threat. But our hero is way too kool. And he will ruin the whole story. 

Operation Cobra Review

To neutralize the attack our kool RAW officer, Joints hand with a female agent. They are against a Russian dealer, Who is behind all these exchanges. Mr.patel the guy that invented that nuclear secret is under investigation from our kool RAW officer.  If our hero doesn’t make his ‘Iron Man’ efforts, Then 1000’s of people will die. London will come under attack from this technology, And India will be not far away. Their job is now to find the traitor, That has been selling Indian secrets for money. Fun fact, Operation Cobra is an actual military unit of the USA.

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Operation Cobra Review 

I was surprised that even eros International producing the web series. The CGI looks soo bad. If I would not be exaggerating they were even worse than video games graphic. The acting performance was soo bad, At moments you’ll feel the cringe ‘smiles’ that our hero puts on, And he has a godfather style attitude. The writer was playing Kool. And wanted our hero to be Iron Man, But I can say comfortably he has failed miserably. Even Salman khan could not pull a bad story like Race 3. It is a waste of time thinking that our Kool RAW officer can do that. 

Operation Cobra Review

The whole web series looked fake, It was like a parody of a big TV series. Even punches and kicks look soo fake, And they sounded like 5-year old kid beatboxing. They couldn’t even make a proper dialogue scene. I’m very sure that the editor is revenging something from the production. Even youtube videos have better quality, Compare to What they have served in this web series. Overall, A third class web series, A might be using heavy words. But it totally deserved it. The web series was backed by an international production. And still, they produced this mess. Don’t waste your time watching this web series. 

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