Pagalpanti Review, Trailer, Story, and Star Cast


A group of three men who are a loser in their lives. Wanted to do something and Become rich In that effort, they plan to do robbing. They with their girlfriends make a plan to fool 2 gangsters and get away their money. Pagalpanti is a multi starring movie. The movie-makers have said that the movie isn’t made to take seriously. It is a cash cow movie meant for Commercial purposes only. 

Release date: 22 November 2019 (India)

Director: Anees Bazmee

Story by: Tarun Adarsh

Music director: Yo Yo Honey Singh, Tanishk Bagchi, Meet Bros

Palgalpanti Cast

Anil Kapoor as Wifi Bhai

John Abraham as Raj Kishore

Ileana D’Cruz as Sanjana

Arshad Warsi as Junky

Star Rating 


A clueless disaster.

Pagalpanti is an exact movie according to its title. It is not supposed to be taken seriously for a recommendation. Similar to houseful 4 the movie tells you the same message ‘leave your brain at home’ to watch this movie. The director of the Movie Anees Bazmee has made quite a good movie like Singh is King a Welcome. Watching his previous movie a lot of people had an expectation for good comedy but in-return they were bombarded with the clueless screenplay.  


Bazmee has made quite of few efforts to add a welcome twist to this movie. But even with a big cast and cherish budget he failed miserably. The shooting is done in the UK and it would have certainly cost a lavish amount to rent those bungalows. Now the possibility of the movie-going to profitability is fading. While watching the movie you’ll encounter many jokes related to our political situation. But the jokes and dialogue are so weak. That they have taken the help of background music and one-interpretation of a joke by john ashram so that the audience by large could understand. 

The movies lack all performance quality and you’ll have to bare yourself for the whole movie. Pagalpanti having songs is so random that you’ll get thoughts of asking for a refund. The unnecessary and imposition of songs boring and irrelevant. There are many scenes in the movies so boring. That you’ll think the whole movie is a recycled version of a mediocre 90s comedy movie. To find a good joke in the whole movie could be a challenging task. 


Final Thoughts

The movie also had tried to fly the patriotic wave. Which seems an illogical imposition of Heroic act. John in the whole movie has shared the most amount of screen-time. The only good thinks about the movie was that it ended and anil Kapoor acting. The movie is made for the sole purpose of collecting cash from your pocket. It is not a real script and not made with any dedication. You could bare low positive or neutral brain-damaging movies but this one is negative. Avoid this movie and disparage so Bollywood could work on a real and good script. 

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