Panchali Review: Better To Be Avoided

Panchali Review

Panchali is an Indian web series produced under the digital Ullu entertainment banner. It was released on 24 May 2019. It is similar to Ullu’s other web series that are adult-drama. The stereotypical story of a poor person and village is shown. but with an erotic twist. Aman Verma is a well known supporting actor, In many movies. He has shared the screen with, Anupriya Goenka. She has been lately working on many projects. Most of which are web series. Episode one and the only episode of a whole season, Was produced by Falguni Shah. She had little to no knowledge about producing web series. 

Panchali Story

A dramatic disaster, Until now there is only one episode of the web series available on their website. I suppose they screw the series so badly that they are even afraid to share the finished product. I’ ‘m not sure, Where to start. But let’s take a look at the outline of the story. It begins in a poor family, Who are suffering to meet their needs. But due to many complications, they are unable to fulfill them. Further story is not being filmed, How it should be. From the very beginning, you’ll feel the bad editing work from the editor.

Panchali Review

Okay, there is a family that has vanished all your expectations of gross behavior. here due to a certain event, Which I can’t disclose, because of Spoiler. Make his own brother, to marry his older brother’s wife. The Drama doesn’t end there, She is also making love with 3 other men from the same family. Weird twists of erotic scenes are cumbersome. It might be possible, That their intention was to create a steady 70’s Bollywood style story, But they end up making this web series. I don’t see any story in the web series at all. 

The One Line Review – 

A problematic web series from a voyeur writer, Better to be avoided. 

Panchali Review 

Ullu entertainment is popular for its adult drama web series. This one is the best example of it. To my knowledge, there is only one episode available for the web series, They didn’t even update the whole season. There is no story in the web series, A 5-year could have a written a robust story than this mess that they have created. If you are curious, What does Panchali mean? It is actually a Sanskrit word for a doll. I don’t see any relevance to the web series to its title. 

Panchali Review

There is nothing to watch in this series. Absolutely nothing! I could have watched my fish tank for 1 hour, Rather than going through this mess. It’s hard to give my flying point for this series. But if I have to, than, My flying point will go the administer, Who was brave enough and didn’t publish the whole season. But if you are looking to prank someone this April, Make sure you let them watch the web series on their own. I’m sure that would be a fun thing to do with the web series. I’m extremely upset about the utterly-bad quality of the web series. 

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